Somewhere over the rainbow lies vanilla icecream…

Ever since I can remember, I have disliked vanilla ice cream because it was bland, uninteresting and didn’t have a strong appeal next to all of the other ice cream flavours. Why have vanilla when you can have honeycomb, rocky road, boysenberry, peppermint, ultra mega triple chocolate attack etc.? my favourite flavour of all time is rainbow ice cream from Wendy’s…or so I thought.

Just the other day I went to Wendy’s to buy the usual tub of rainbow ice cream when it dawned on me. What is this joyous flavour of rainbow I am so fond of? My curiosity led me astray and I chose to ask the lady at the shop front the question. The answer of which I would later on dread for years to come. What flavour is rainbow ice cream? I ask. As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt an instant feeling of regret. Before I could stop her she announces… Behold! the flavour you have spent so many years building a valuable relationship with is in fact plain jane vanilla ice cream with rainbow colouring.

I couldn’t believe it. Is this a dream? Is she joking I contemplated? then for the first time I looked closely at the ice cream description and there it was, in black and white, it said ‘rainbow COLOURED ice cream’. I watched my rose-coloured glasses fall on the floor and shatter into a million pieces. I was confronted by the painful reality of deceit. My most hated ice cream has been charading as my favorite ice cream all along.

In retrospect the colours of the rainbow tasted something like pink fairies, blue baby unicorns and yellow morning sunshine. Now when I try to imagine these magical wonders of the rainbow, my thoughts are tainted by vanilla bean meanies controlling the lands. Sort of like that care bare episode where everyone is the colour grey and miserable because someone stole the colour from their world. You know the one.

This particular rainbow ice cream was vanilla, but fear not! It has been scientifically proven that not all rainbow ice cream is vanilla, recent research shows that there is an exception to the rainbow paddlepop and some ice cream parlours sell bubblegum with rainbow colours…another misconception.

Oh the shame! In conclusion, what ice cream charades has taught me is to not be fooled by the pretty packaging of life and find out what your actually consuming.

Olives x

Out Cupcaked…

So I had this brilliant idea to make these magical cupcakes, that when you took a bite you were lifted into an unknown world of imagination, where you forgot who you were and who you wanted to be, and just for a moment were completely immersed in the wonders of the most wonderful buttery comfort that only an A-mazing cupcake could provide. You then open your eyes and the cupcake has been eaten with only the remnants of sponge crumbs on the front of your T-shirt. Oh my! What a cupcake indeed.

So I got a bakin’ and sure enough I had produced what I thought was a good reflection of my visualised concept. Hmmm where could these cupcakes of freedom make their debut? I pondered. It was my nieces first birthday party on Saturday. Perfect opportunity!

I walk in and place my plate of cupcakes on the food table, to my distress, my cupcakes were sitting alongside another plate of cupcakes which were inadvertently forcing my cupcakes into battle, or submission it seemed.

The enemy cupcakes were superior, they were basically sitting on stallion horses, wearing handcrafted amour with an ancient warriors blood sprinkled on top for decoration. My cupcakes were, well lets just say they were not as impressive in comparison. I watched as people took one glance at my cupcakes before being strayed away by the blinding light of the enemies edible glitter. I decided the guests were hypnotised by the cupcakes of betrayal at the time and meant no offence.

Sadly I took home five of the twelve made, which would have been a success had the cupcakes not been eaten by only my mum and dad who claimed they were the best cupcakes they’ve ever tasted.

It didn’t work out, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s the vision of the magical cupcakes that counts right? My vision was strong, my failcakes were a stepping stone and im sure one day with determination and persistence I will no doubt make the cupcakes I envisioned.

Olives x

Best Dumplings Ever…

Best Dumplings Ever!

If you love dumplings and are yet to visit Hutong Dumpling Bar on Market Lane in Melbourne, you have not tried dumplings! ATTENTION: you have not tried dumplings!

As soon as you walk in you can see the dumpling specialists hard at work through the glass window, slaving away to make the best dumplings known to mankind! You can see them making the fresh dumpling outers, filling the fresh dumpling outers with fresh dumpling insides, then steaming the fresh dumplings for maximum yumm…dumplings dumplings dumplings. Remember where these talented individuals are located because later on when your floating on clouds and looking for someone to hug, you know who to share your gratitude with.

The dumplings look like little teepee huts residing in a steam basket. These delicate delights are soo tasty they change the whole dumpling heirachy. They make your favourite dumplings taste average and your average dumplings taste less than average.

They have a variety of dumplings available on the menu, but the ones you want are the “Shao-long Bao”, which apparently means little dragon in chinese and boy are those little dragons delicious! These soup dumplings are pork so if you dont eat pork i suggest you prentend its something else and just try them…because they really are super!

There is a particular way the dumplings like to be eaten so if you follow these five steps you will experience the dumplings at thier potential best.

Step one: grab the top of the dumpling with chopsticks
Step two: dunk the dumpling into vinegar
Step three: break the outer and sip the soup
Step four: eat the rest of the dumpling
Step five: smile and nod your head in recognition of its greatness

A quality dumpling is hard to find but when you do, it consumes you unexpectedly, and every dumpling you ever loved becomes insignificant for this dumpling walks effortlessly with you on your journey. Now that is a dumpling well worth waiting for.

I heart Hutong Dumpling Bar!

Olives x

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