Kwan’s Table

Kwan's Table - St Kilda

Kwan’s Table – Street view

Kwan’s table is a Thai inspired café and patisserie that recently opened on Inkerman Street in St Kilda.You can visit Kwans for a savoury meal and stay for the sweets, which is what we did on this fine morning. They do modern Thai inspired meals like soft-shell crab in a brioche burger and deep-fried pork belly with an apple salad. Their desserts are inspired by French technique but incorporate Thai flavours like lychee, coconut, pandan and kaya. They only opened about 6 weeks ago but are already making a good impression around town.

Kwan's Table - Venue

Kwan’s Table – Venue

It’s a cute little cafe. And the staff are lovely.

Kwan's Table - Pandan custard toast

Kwan’s Table – Pandan custard toast

The pandan custard toast was insanely delicious. One mouthful and I was in love. The super thick toast was lathered in a warm smooth creamy pandan wonderland of deliciousness. A generous amount of custard was spread over the toast with toasted coconut sprinkled on top and was cut into bite size squares so it was easy to eat. Loved it. They also have a kaya (coconut jam) custard toast for those who love kaya.

Kwan's Table - Pork belly salad

Kwan’s Table – Pork belly salad

The pork belly salad was lovely and fresh. The pork belly pieces were lightly battered and deep fried. The fresh salad had red cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, slithers of apple, coriander and chopped peanuts in a sweet tangy dressing., which was just what I needed on this warm summer day.

Kwan's Table - Chilli cheese soldiers

Kwan’s Table – Chilli cheese soldiers

We tried the oh-so-cheesy chilli cheese soldiers which was thick toast soldiers with cheese in the middle and cheese on top. It also had sliced red chilli, red onion and coriander scattered over the top. A tasty snack.

Kwan's Table - Lychee and raspberry charlotte

Kwan’s Table – Lychee and raspberry charlotte

The lychee and raspberry charlotte had a beautiful raspberry and lychee mousse inside and was encased in a circular fence of mini sponge fingers. It was topped with fresh lychee and raspberries.

Kwan's Table - Mango and sticky rice macaron

Kwan’s Table – Mango and sticky rice macaron

The mango and sticky rice macaron was great. Mango and sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert but I certainly hadn’t had it inside a macaron before. It was a large sized macaron filled with layered mango and sticky rice bits. It think it had like a mango and sticky rice custard in there too. I know my mum would have loved this one.

Kwan's Table - Soy latte

Kwan’s Table – Soy latte

And to top off a great brunch date, the coffee was awesome too. They use 5 senses and had bonsoy yay! And also I know I already mentioned this but the pandan toast was bom! I can foresee myself making regular stops to Kwan’s for coffee and pandan toast. In conclusion you need to mosey on down to Kwan’s table for a modern Thai adventure.

I heart Kwan’s Table!

Olives x

Kwans Table
Address: 7 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: 03 9939 3153
Trading Hours: Tue-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-5pm, (closed on Mondays)

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Fitzrovia - St Kilda

Fitzrovia – St Kilda

Fitzrovia is a restaurant in St Kilda where they do home-style (comfort food) meals that warm the heart. The dishes are tasty and well executed and inspired by provincial Italian and british cuisines. They have a focus on top quality, local ad seasonal produce and Chef Paul Jewson has recently created a new spring menu.

Fitzrovia - Bar

Fitzrovia – Bar

Fitzrovia feels like you’ve walked into somebody’s home. It’s got a warm feeling about it. The dining space is decorated with boxes of fresh produce, bookshelves, old typwriters etc. And to go with the feel of the place, the meals are served in a rustic home-style manner and cooked with lots o’ love.

Fitzrovia -Salt and pepper calamari

Fitzrovia -Salt and pepper calamari

The hot and sour salt and pepper calamari was delicious. It had a crisp light batter and was soft and just melted in your mouth. The calamari was sitting on a green papaya salad with vermicelli noodles, coriander, mint, lime, cashews and a roast chilli dressing. I loved that the salad was cold but the calamari was warm. It was packed with flavour. It was fresh, hot and sour and salty and spicy. Yum.

Fitzrovia - Chickpea and black quinoa falafel

Fitzrovia – Chickpea and black quinoa falafel

The falafels had chickpeas (naturally) and organic black quinoa, which was interesting. They were really tasty and went perfectly with the sumac spiced labne which was like an aromatic yoghurt dressing. The falafel sat on a bed of turmeric roast cauliflower, smoked eggplant caviar, minted dukah and pomegranate. Loved the pops of fresh pomegranate.

Fitzrovia - Chicken saltimbocca w polenta

Fitzrovia – Chicken saltimbocca w polenta

Loved the chicken saltimbocca it was delicious. It was free-range chicken breasts wrapped with crispy prosciutto, sage and tallegio (cheese). It was sitting in a soft mascarpone polenta. That polenta! It was so amazing I could totally swim in it. And it was topped with crispy fried wisps of leek which were tasty and added crunch. This was one of my faves.

Fitzrovia - Grain salad

Fitzrovia – Grain salad

The whole grain new seasons asparagus salad had a nice texture. It had lentils, black barley, pine nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, herbs, spanish onion, lemon and fresh pomegranate. It was served with a tahini labne. I wasn’t sure where the asparagus was but it was really tasty so I didn’t mind much.

Fitzrovia - Signature polenta chips w truffled parsley and parmesan

Fitzrovia – Signature polenta chips w truffled parsley and parmesan

The Fitzrovia signature polenta chips looked like a stack of jenga. Edible jenga of course. They were golden and crisp on the outside and smooth and silky in the middle. They were covered in truffled parsley & parmesan. You could smell the truffle as soon as they hit the table. Delish.

Fitzrovia - Crumbed veal w tomato, rocket and parmesan salad

Fitzrovia – Crumbed veal w tomato, rocket and parmesan salad

The South Gippsland milk fed veal fillets Milanese were like awesome crispy snitzels. The meat was so tender and the lemon zest, parsley & parmesan crumb was beautifully crunchy. It was paired with an anchovy mayo and a simple salad with organic truss tomato, rocket and shaved Parmesan, which was really nice.

Fitzrovia - Confit duck leg w braised black lentils

Fitzrovia – Confit duck leg w braised black lentils

The thyme and garlic confit free range Ovens Valley duck leg was tasty and moist. It was served with braised black lentils which were just cooked (still had a nice bite to them), brussels sprouts (who knew I liked them) and a gribiche sauce.

The chef Paul Jewson likes to describe the food as ‘what I imagine chefs would like to cook at home on their days off’ which makes sense. It’s home-style food but cleverly put together. Fitzrovia is a great place to visit for breakfast, lunner or dinner. Dinners are back hooray.

I heart Fitzrovia!

Olives x

Address: 2/155 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: 03 9537 0001
Trading Hours: Mon-Tues: 7am-3pm, Wed-Fri: 7am-9pm, Sat: 8am-9pm, Sun: 8am-4pm

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Note: Olive Sundays was invited as a guest to Fitzrovia.

Zombie Burger

Zombie Burger - insides.

Zombie Burger – insides.

I love zombies, that is, until they emerge from the ground in real life and try to eat my brains. But no I feel for them, they are just dead hungry and are doing what they have to, to satisfy their innate hunger for ‘brains’.  After a week of trying to diet by excluding carbs entirely, I adopted similar characteristics that of a zombie. I was weak, miserable and walked around lifeless muttering “Mrgh Grains”.  I completely understand the distraught desperation for food. But then who doesn’t love zombies and who doesn’t love grains burgers? Put these two things together and out pops a great restaurant.

Zombie Burger - Zombie wall.

Zombie Burger – Zombie Wall.

Zombie burger is a zombie themed burger joint that opened a few weeks ago. They support local produce and source their ingredients from Australian farmers. In celebration of Melbourne’s first ZomCon (zombie convention) held today, the recent announcement of Marvel and George A. Romero (dawn of the dead) teaming up to make a new comic ‘Empire of the dead,’ and season 4 of The Walking Dead starting next week, I thought it apt to blog about Zombie Burger.

Zombie Burger - street view

Zombie Burger – Street View.

It’s a little place off Ackland Street with zombies hand painted on the walls. The tables are dark green metal barrels, the kind of barrel you shoot in a video game and it blows up, leading multiple zombies to their demise.  It gave the place a cool military feel, sticking to the zombie theme. The rubbish bin had hand prints of blood smeared down the side, which I hoped was part of the atmosphere and not an indication of a recent brawl the night before (relax it wasn’t real blood).

Zombie Burger

Zombie Burger – Zombie Burger.

The burgers were delicious. I got the Zombie Burger. The brioche bun seems to be all the rage with burgers these days and it makes sense, it definitely works. The sweetness of the toasted brioche compliments the fire-grilled grass-fed beef. The beer caramelized onions were to DIE for (super sweet, really tasty and melt in your mouth).  Then there was American cheese, dill pickle, vine-ripened tomatoes, oakleaf lettuce with American mustard, ZB ketchup, and ZB signature mayo. It was a little messy, but delicious none the less.

Zombie Burger - Potato chips and cauliflower fritts.

Zombie Burger – Potato chips and cauliflower fritts.

The crunchy golden deep fried cauliflower fritts were yummy. They were an awesome substitute for fries and they sort of look like brains. The fries are good too. I got the garlic aioli to dip them in, which was super creamy but overly salty.

They have some really delicious vegie options too. ‘Shroom of the dead’ is basically the zombie burger (without the beef of course) instead featuring a porcini-infused whole fire-grilled Portobello mushroom. Yum! And the ‘Don Zombie’ burger has a parmesan-crusted pan-fried eggplant stack with melted provolone cheese, fresh basil, ZB roasted capsicum salsa and crisp iceberg lettuce on a toasted brioche bun. Double yum! I hear the Boomstick burger is a favourite.

If zombies are coming to make delicious burgers then bring on the zombie apocalypse!

Olives x

Zombie Burger
Address: 5 Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda. VIC
Phone: 03 9537 1118
Trading Hours: Tues-Wed & Sun: 11.30am-9.30pm Thurs-Sat: 11.30-late (closed Mondays)

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