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The Local Taphouse

The local taphouse is all about great beer. The European inspired tavern specializes in craft beers. They have an extensive range of continually changing beers available, which would have any beer enthusiast feeling right at home.  You can talk beer with any of the staff members because they know a lot about beer and will happily assist you with choosing the right beer to compliment your meal. And if you want to take your love for beer to another level, you can join the ‘Ale Stars’ beer club where they discuss and taste rare beers in a social and relaxed setting once a month. The dark wooden walls of the tavern and lowly hung lights create a warm and intimate ambiance. Outside there is a nice outdoor roof terrace area.

The Local Taphouse - Outside area.

The Local Taphouse – Outside roof terrace.

It’s a great place for people to meet and catch up for a drink or two or three or four. In fact they offer tasting paddles so you can try samples of a range of different beers. It’s sort of like a dessert tasting plate but a beer version. These beer tasting paddles encourage you to be more adventurous and taste beers you haven’t tried before.  It’s fun to decide which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. It’s like a safeguard, which helps prevent you from ordering a whole glass of beer that is not to your taste. All beer aside, they can also cook up a quality meal. The menu makes it hard to order because everything sounds delicious.

The Local Taphouse - Southern fried chicken and cajun thick cut frites.

The Local Taphouse – Southern fried chicken and cajun thick cut frites.

We got some snacks to go with our ale, the southern fried chicken was super crunchy and served in an adorable little tin bucket with chilli mayo. The beer battered thick cut frites are a must! Original or Cajun spiced, they’re super crunchy and super tasty. You don’t have to be a beerologist to know that any beer goes hand in hand with thick cut fries.

The Local Taphouse - Tennessee pork belly sandwich w fennel and apple slaw.

The Local Taphouse – Tennessee pork belly sandwich w fennel and apple slaw.

The Tennessee BBQ pork belly sandwich with the fennel and apple slaw was the perfect meal to accompany my fruity ale. The pork belly melted into the sticky tennessee BBQ sauce and the sandwich soaked up the beautiful flavours. The shaved fennel, apple, radish and red onion went so well together as a slaw, it was crisp, fresh and zesty and it cut through the sweetness of the pork. Delicious! The local taphouse offers a casual environment with gourmet food. It is an awesome place to have good food and good beer with good friends.

I heart The Local Taphouse!

Olives x

The Local Taphouse
Address: 184 Carlisle Street, St Kilda 3182
Phone: 03 9537 2633
Trading Hours: Monday – Sunday 12pm until not later than 1am (7 days)

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Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels - Sandwiches and sausage rolls.

Madame Brussels – Sandwiches and sausage rolls.

Usually when winter hits I automatically morph into a hermit in response to the icy cold weather outside. Ideally I like to stay indoors with the heater blasting, tucked in a warm blanket with lots of yummy food sitting on the coffee table within arms reach from the couch. But it was my friends birthday so I manned up, emerged from my warm shell and went out into the coldness for afternoon drinks. Upon my arrival at Madame Brussels I was given a cosy blanket from my friend, similar to the one I had just been in at home (had she read my mind?).

I was thankful but confused. I know that some people use their jacket as a blanket to cover their legs or some people put their hoodie on and pull the jumper up to cover their mouth like a ninja to feel like they’re in a blanket, and more obviously some people wear blankets ponchos, which is basically a big blanket with arm-holes in it (I know I wear my poncho/blankie out all the time).  But this was different, my friends just straight out brought their blankets to the bar. I hadn’t been out for a while and wondered if it was suddenly socially acceptable to bring your actual blanket from home out to bars. And if this was the case hey, I was all for it. My friends soon explained that the bar provided the blankies (awesome and less akward). With the heater blazing above me and wrapped up in a blanket, I immediately felt right at home.


Snug as a bug in a rug.

Third floor up we walk inside and the floor is covered in astroturf AKA fake grass and there is a curvy tiled pathway down the center of the room that leads you to the bar. The white outdoor tea settings scattered around the room made it feel like an enchanted tea party. The inside décor looks like your outside (this can become confusing especially after a few too many drinks). The real outside was the spectacular outdoor terrace overlooking our beautiful city of Melbourne.

Madame Brussels - The Outdoor Terrace

Madame Brussels – The Outdoor Terrace

The choices of drinks were mouth-watering, they had Jugs of Pimms with fruit and cucumber (my fave), Ameretto sour, Sangria etc. yum yum yum! We had these delightful little toasted sandwiches (no crusts) with poached chicken, chives and mayo. They were delicious! They had teeny bits of lemon rind in the sandwiches so each time you took a bite there was a hint of lemon. So refreshing! A sandwich refreshing?, who would have thought. Delicious! We also had Mother of Pearl’s homemade sausage rolls dunked in “dead ‘orse”. Dead ‘orse, tomato sauce, same same. Tasty! A table near us had the scones and the fondue, we viewed them from a distance and ate them with our eyes from a table close by.  They certainly looked delicious.  The tea was served in silver teapots with adorable knitted tea cosies aside mismatched vintage teacups.  Aww so cute even the teapots had a blankie. Before we left we couldn’t restrain from trying the lemon sponge cupcakes with hot pink icing displayed at the bar.. they were average but they looked pretty and had hidden raspberries inside yay.

Madame Brussels - Lemon sponge cupcakes with hot pink icing.

Madame Brussels – Lemon sponge cupcakes with hot pink icing.

I had a blast on a winter afternoon but I heard it’s even better in the summer. It gets really busy so you need to go early to score a good seat and apparently the nights on the weekend get super packed so go early to avoid sad-faces.

I heart Madame Brussels!

Olives x

Madame Brussels 
Address: Level 3, 59-63 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9662 2775
Trading Hours: Monday-Sunday (Everyday) 12pm (noon)-1am

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