Mamasita - Melbourne

Mamasita – Melbourne

On the top end of Collins street, this restaurant is hidden upstairs with only a door and a sign to indicate it’s existence. Mamasita has been around for a long time but still has people queuing out the door for dinner. The food is delicious and served pretty quickly. Plus they have a range of specialty tequilas. For lunch it is a bright sunlit space and for dinner it is a dimly lit space with more of a bar like atmosphere. Mexican food at it’s finest.

Mamasita - Chargrilled corn

Mamasita – Street-style chargrilled corn

Street-style corn is always a crowd pleaser. This chargrilled corn on the cob is covered in delciousness like chipotle mayo, grated queso cheese, paprika and lime. Cheesy, creamy, spicy and zesty all in one. Yum!

Mamasita - Softshell tiger prawns w serrano salsa

Mamasita – Softshell tiger prawns w serrano salsa

The butterflied soft-shell tiger prawns were amazing! The prawns were cooked perfectly and the chargrill brought out the sweetness in the prawn. They were full of flavour and the Serrano salsa had quite the kick. The salsa was fresh and quite hot (delicious hot) and was topped with fresh coriander. Loved these so much, had to order more.

Mamasita - Duck tostaditas

Mamasita – Duck tostaditas

The tostaditas are a good starter to share especially if you’re out having a drink with a bunch of friends. They are crunchy round corn tortilla chips (like crispy taco crunch) with different toppings. We had the duck carnitas (shredded duck) & pineapple with black-bean puree & habanero cream sitting on a bed of red cabbage. They are easy to eat and absolutely delish.

Mamasita - Pork belly

Mamasita – Guajillo braised pork belly

The Guaijllo braised pork belly was so soft it melts in your mouth. It was covered in a delicious spicy moreish sauce and topped with creamy habanero cream and fried parsley. It was incredible and full of flavour. The chargrilled lime helped balance the rich flavours. Super tasty.

Mamasita - Chorizo tortilla

Mamasita – Chorizo tortilla

We tried the wheat tortilla filled with chorizo, potato & mexican cheese, queso fresco & jalapeño crema. It was nice. The jalepeno cream was not very hot so we ordered a side of spicy salsa for dipping.

Mamasita - Crispy skin chicken w red mole

Mamasita – Crispy skin chicken w red mole

The crispy skin half chicken w red mole was interesting. The sauce was thick and you can taste the chocolate and chilli flavours. It had a nice smooth texture to eat with the tender chicken.

Mamasita - Three milk sponge cake

Mamasita – Three milk sponge cake

The three milk sponge cake was a soft wet (soaked in milk) sponge cake, really creamy, moist and delicious. There was a scoop of passionfruit sorbet, sweet pieces of mango, tart blueberries and meringue, which added some texture. All these different elements complimented the cake and made this dish exciting.

Mamasita - Chocolate orange flan

Mamasita – Chocolate orange flan

The chocolate and orange flan had a thick and smooth consistency. It was creamy and indulgent. It had a nice almond praline for some crunch.

Mamasita - Sweet corn ice-cream w salted caramel popcorn

Mamasita – Sweet corn ice-cream w salted caramel popcorn

The sweet corn ice-cream w salted caramel popcorn is a popular dessert. It has a subtle sweet corn flavour and is a good finish to the meal after eating lots of intense flavours.

Mamasita serves up remarkable Mexican food in a modern way. They use a variety of traditional Mexican chillies and ingredients to create quality dishes. And btw most of the menu is gluten free, so winning for the GF peeps. The food is delicious and served quickly and the staff are lovely. This place is always busy for dinner so you might have to wait a little to be seated. If patience isn’t your thing, you could maybe try a weekday lunch for a lesser waiting time.

I heart Mamasita!

Olives x

Address: Lvl 1, 11 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9650 3821
Trading Hours: Mon-Thu:12pm-12am,Fri:12pm-2am,Sat:12.30-2am,Sun:12.30-10pm

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