The McWhopper…

It all started one cold starry night when my friend and I were feeling a wee bit peckish. This late night food adventure sparked an unusual hankering for a Hungry Jacks ‘Whopper burger’. Unfortunately the time of night forbade my craving.

Knowing that all Hungry Jacks outlets were closed made me want a whopper even more. There was however a Macdonald’s close by. Their trading hours met our needs but their burger options did not.

So then I was thinking if Lewis Carrol can think of six impossible things before breakfast, surely I can think of one impossible burger before sunrise. And I did.

Ta da…introducing the Mc Whopper Burger! (with cheese if you prefer).

So we drafted a master plan on how to replicate the Hungry Jacks ‘whopper burger’ at McDonald’s. We weighed up the differences the whopper had against the most similar McDonald’s burger, the QP.

Whopper                            Quarter Pounder
Sesame seed bun                   Sesame seed Bun
Beef Pattie                              Beef Pattie
Onion                                      Onion
Pickles                                     Pickles
Tomato Sauce                        Tomato Sauce

So we did the math and ordered a Quarter Pounder with extra mayo, tomato and lettuce AKA The Mc Whopper. Crisis averted! Satisfied with our attempt to recreate a whopper, home we went with big smiles on our faces.

The satisfaction came from our proud efforts to attain a whopper at a forbidden time more than the taste of the burger itself. It may have soothed the bitter craving for a whopper but by no means did it look, taste or feel like a proper Whopper.

They do make the whopper burgers better at Hungry Jacks, but then of course they do. You can’t copy the exact product from another store and expect it to be better than the original. (not pointing the finger at anyone in particular Coles). So not to compare the two, the McWhopper was delicious in its own rights and the situation certainly appeased our craving. Success! All in all a good night.

What I learnt from this grand burger expedition was that when you allow yourself to think outside the box, you also allow yourself the power to make the impossible, possible.

Olives x