Kong - Venue

Kong – Venue

Kong is owned by the same people who do chin chin and baby pizza, The Lucas Group. And like its other restaurant counterparts, it has a cool vibe and has people queuing out the door for quality dining. Kong creates modern dishes with Korean inspired flavours, lots of intense flavours and lots of BBQ’d things.

Kong - Woodgrilled endamame w chilli sea salt

Kong – Woodgrilled endamame w chilli sea salt

The endamame was delish. They saw some heat on the wood grill and were seasoned with chilli & sea salt. Excellent starter.

Kong - BBQ corn w miso butter chilli

Kong – BBQ corn w miso butter chilli

The BBQ corn was juicy and had a nice char to it. It was covered in a delicious miso butter and sprinkled with chilli salt.

Kong - Miso caramelised eggplant

Kong – Miso caramelised eggplant

The miso eggplant was beautifully caramelised. And it was served in iceburg lettuce with sesame, chervil & yuzu. Easy to eat and really tasty.

Kong - SSAM roti

Kong – SSAM roti

The roti was nice and soft and was a good dipping tool to savour all the flavour in the saucy dishes.

Kong - Korean fried chicken wings

Kong – Korean fried chicken wings

The Korean fried chicken wings were doused in a thick, sticky honey garlic sauce and was topped with sesame seeds, spring onion and coriander. The sauce was really flavoursome and intense. They were super tasty but I couldn’t eat a lot of them in a row.

Kong - Salmon roti rolls

Kong – Salmon roti rolls

We had the salmon roti rolls which was teriyaki grilled salmon w rocket and spicy tomato salsa. I knew it was salmon because I ordered it but otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was salmon. It was okay but probably my least fave of the night.

Kong - Soft-shell crab bao

Kong – Soft-shell crab bao

We tried the soft-shell crab with salted duck egg relish & coriander. The bao was so soft and smooth, I was patting it like it was my little pet. It was crunchy, tangy, fresh and delicious. Yum!

Kong - Kong Bossam BBQ tray

Kong – Kong Bossam BBQ tray

The Kong Bossam BBQ tray was a platter of different meats, which included a little tasting of pulled chicken & pork, pork belly & beef brisket. The meats were tasty and had different flavours and textures. There was some lettuce leaves to put the meat in and pickled veg for freshness and some tasty condiments like kimchi & walnut ssamjang to add a chilli kick. Very tasty indeed.

Kong - Dukkbokki rice-cakes

Kong – Dukkbokki rice-cakes

The Dukkbokki rice-cakes were sort of like over-sized, oddly shaped noodles that resembled little alien tenticles. The sauce was thick, spicy and delicious. It had red chilli, gochujang & roasted parsnip. It was a great vegetarian option. The rice-cakes soaked up the sauce so well and each bite was full of flavour.

Kong - Black sesame ice cream

Kong – Black sesame ice cream

The black sesame ice cream looked fantastic. It was smooth and the flavour was nutty sort of like tahini. I’m not a huge black sesame ice-cream fan but this was pleasant.

Kong - Apple & walnut tart w miso butterscotch

Kong – Apple & walnut tart w miso butterscotch

The apple & walnut tart was delicious. It had thin slices of soft apple and a crunchy walnut crumb on top. There was miso butterscotch poured on, over and around the tart, which was a thin sweet and sticky sauce. On top of the tart was a scoop of Japanese whisky ice-cream. The Japanese flavours take this dish to another level. It has the essence of a traditional apple pie but with a modern Japanese twist. It’s a good one for winter.

Kong - Coconut sago, passionfruit & pineapple trifle

Kong – Coconut sago, passionfruit & pineapple trifle

The coconut sago trifle was heavenly. The sago was covered in creamy coconut, the passionfruit layer was a burst of fresh fruit and the pineapple layer tasted sweet and caramelised. Absolute bliss.

It’s a walk in restaurant so you can’t make a booking and it gets really busy so you can expect to wait over an hour at peak times. We left our name and number and visited the pub down the street (Prince Albert Hotel) for some drinks to pass the time and they called us when our table was ready. You also have the option to take-away if you prefer. The food came out pretty quickly and the staff were fantastic, very friendly and attentive. And the food was full of flavour and super tasty so definitely worth the wait.

I heart Kong!

Olives x

Address: 599 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121
Website: https://www.kongbbq.com.au/
Phone: 03 9427 1307
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am ’til late (open 7 days)

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Kimchi Grandma

Kimchi Grandma - Sae-woo-bo-keum (Spicy King Prawns)

Kimchi Grandma – Sae-woo-bo-keum (Spicy King Prawns).

Kimchi Grandma has been serving delicious Korean food for years. There are lots of Korean restaurants on Koornang road and this is one of the good ones. The Korean BBQ experience is fun because you get to cook the meat and vegetables yourself, but occasionally I’m just too lazy to cook and would rather have my food cooked for me. This is when I go to Kimchi Grandma. No mutated tables with in-built BBQ’s, just good ‘ol (cooked already) Korean food. To BBQ or not to BBQ, that is the question.  When I choose not to BBQ, the restaurant of my choice is Kimchi Grandma.

Kimchi Grandma - Korean Condiments

Kimchi Grandma – Korean Condiments.

They serve traditional Korean corn tea made from boiled roasted corn kernals. Love love love! It’s warm and calming and has a subtle corn flavour. Yum! Then they bring out five little bowls of Korean condiments. We were served the fish cakes, bean sprouts, asian slaw, seaweed and the famed kimchi. Korea’s national dish is spicy fermented cabbage commonly known as kimchi.

Kimchi Grandma - Dae-ji-bul-go-gi (spicy pork BBQ)

Kimchi Grandma – Dae-ji-bul-go-gi (spicy pork BBQ).

The Dae-ji-bul-go-gi (spicy pork BBQ) is my fave. It is really thin slices of pork marinated in a homemade traditional chilli-based sauce. It is so tasty! It’s spicy and flavorsome and needs a side of steamed rice to collected the flavour. The plain steamed rice is short and fluffy with a slight stickiness to it, which goes really well with any of the dishes.

Kimchi Grandma - Gal-bi (beef spareribs)

Kimchi Grandma – Gal-bi (beef spareribs).

The Gal-bi beef spare ribs were also yummy they are marinated in a thick sweet sticky soy sauce which is delicious. You sort of have to get your hands a little dirty with these because they are ribs on the bone and it a difficult task to eat them with your cutlery. So caution: don’t order these on a first date? Or do! It’s probably better to have your date accept you as a foodie from the get go.

Kimchi Grandma

Kimchi Grandma – Koornang Road, Carnegie.

The varnished floorboards, wooden tables and brick walls give the place a clean and modern feel. There is Korean art hung up along the walls that make the restaurant feel homely. If you’re planning to go to Kimchi Grandma for dinner on the weekend I would recommend you make a booking because it’s usually jam-packed. During the week, less packed. There are lots of Korean restaurants on Koornang Road but this is definitely one of the better ones.

I heart Kimchi Grandma!

Olives x

Kimchi Grandma
Address: 125 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC 3163
Website: http://www.kimchigrandma.com.au
Phone: 03 9078 9813
Trading Hours: Mon- Sun 11.30am-3.30pm (Lunch) & 5pm-10.30pm (Dinner)

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