Love is…

The beauty of the subconscious mind, is that nice people do nice things everyday without even realising. They wear their heart on their sleeve and have sharing love with others on autopilot. Some express their love through food and its often overlooked because it’s common practice. The following documents some examples of a simple show of love.

Love is… not ordering a dessert when your friend is dieting.

Love is… cooking two separate meals for dinner to appease opposing palates.

Love is… when you order chicken dumplings because your friend doesn’t eat pork. Sigh.

Love is… eating chicken parma’s three times a week (love you pumpkins).

Love is… agreeing to share a slice of cake with a friend, even though she chooses a sugarless, gluten-free one, you still stick to your agreement.

Love is… when you want to add meat to a dish but you don’t so that your vegetarian friend can eat too. Sometimes this turns out surprisingly well.

Love is… ordering a platter to share because your friend really wants to get it. When what you really want is a normal regular meal like everyone else.

Love is… When you leave your favourite ingredient out of the recipe because your friend doesn’t like it. It doesn’t taste the same, it’s ruined. But now your friend can eat it.

Love is… when you buy a friends favourite biscuits because you know they are coming over.

Love is… politely drinking a coffee that your friend made, when you asked for her tea.

Love is when you put someone elses needs before your own, just for them, just because.

Let me know if you have any more to add to this list.

Olives x