Macarons! the new cupcake…

So once upon a time cupcakes were the latest craze. And like any fad, it is short-lived. Some get into it and some get over it. But the truth is, cupcakes have definitely outlived the standard attrition of a fad. What could possibly take the focus off of cupcakes? Macarons! that’s what. A macaron is like a small round, cakey, meringue-like cookie sent from the heavens.

My friend suggested we try some macarons from Lindt, and I wasn’t interested. For some reason I felt like I had tasted macarons in the past and wasn’t impressed. And the thick plottens =) My mum confesses making some bad macarons in my childhood, so naturally I was resistant to try them in my adult life. I remember them being hard and weird tasting, overall not enjoyable. So we try these macarons and to my delight, they are the best damn thing since iced cupcakes.

So I start raving about these macaroons and people inform me that it’s actually macaron and that there are other places that sell them. Apparently there are heaps of places in Melbourne to find them. Some amazing ones (La Belle Miette), some not so nice (Laurent), some with wonderfully creative flavours (EARL Canteen).

Why had I not seen them before? Having that first macaron ignited my sixth sense, ESPM – Extrasensory perception for macarons. It sparked my awareness and I started seeing macarons everywhere.They were floating around my bakery, my local coffee shop and even some big department stores. Everywhere I looked there was macarons. Not to my dislike of course.

Head-hunting the best macarons is my current mission. There are some crazy unimaginable flavours out there and I am keen to try them all. Also I am soon to attempt making them myself (I’ve had a pack of almond meal sitting in my pantry for weeks). All in good time.

With macarons you really have to take your time and experience it in its entirety. So when something new takes your fancy, embrace it with your whole heart so that you can unlock it’s true flavour.

Olives x