The Broadsheet Restaurant

Broadsheet Restaurant - Venue

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Venue

It’s the last weekend to make your way to the broadsheet restaurant. They have a collaborative menu from a range of well-known restaurateurs such as Top Paddock, Coda, Huxtable, just to name a few. It’s a great showcase of Melbourne restaurants under the same roof with an interesting open space of simple Australian inspired décor.

When I walked in I wondered aloud what the space was used for before it was the broadsheet restaurant and a local turned around and explained that it had been a hardware store for many years but that had now moved down the street and in the interim the space has been used for a range of popups, art gallery, etc. before being turned into a new apartment block. Glad I asked the question aloud, because she had all the answers. Thanks kind stranger.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Butternut and nashi soup

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Butternut and nashi soup

The roasted butternut and nashi pear soup was delicious. It had a sweet smooth pumpkin flavour with nashi pear sour tones, which lifted the flavour with zing. The gnocchi was like little ricotta dumplings and the soup had bits of creamy goats curd, and salted walnuts for crunch. Not your ordinary pumpkin soup.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Baked eggs

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Baked eggs

The baked free range eggs had tomatoes, fennel, chorizo, goats cheese and burnt pickled onions. And some bread underneath to soak up all of the deliciousness. There were lots of bold Spanish flavours that worked in harmony. It was a really comforting brunch dish.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Cape grim beef burger

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Cape grim beef burger

When the Cape grim beef burger came out it looked fantastic, the entire bun was black. There was a generous amount of beef and it was cooked to perfection. It was pink and juicy and cut into thick melt-in-your-mouth strips. It had a house made mustard, which was subtle and creamy and a fruit relish, which gave it sweetness. And then some leaves for freshness. It was one tasty burger.

Broadsheet Restaurant -Twice baked brioche french toast

The Broadsheet Restaurant -Twice baked brioche french toast

The twice-baked brioche French toast was soft and custardy with a few plump raisins in it like a bread and butter pudding. It was delicious. The fennel poached pears were easy to cut through and were poached in a fragrant flavours with hints of aniseed. If I didn’t read the menu I wouldn’t have been able to identify the flavour of the sorbet, it was different and delicious. It was fennel & burnt caramel sorbet, so unique. And then it was sprinkled with a vibrant dried raspberry powder. Exciting to eat and really yummy.

The Broadsheet Restaurant - Coffee

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Coffee

The coffee was from Small batch, yum!

It’s fun to have a variety of dishes from top Melbourne restaurants all in one place. And it’s decked out really nice in a simple and spacious environment. There are lots of delicious meals on the menu and you can try something from a different restaurant each time you visit. But tomorrow is the last day so be sure to visit, or pop down one last time before it’s over.

I heart the Broadsheet Restaurant!

Olives x

The Broadsheet Restaurant (Melbourne pop-up)
Event Dates: 5th June – 2nd August 2015
Address: 166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Trading Hours: Mon-Tue: 7am-4pm Wed-Sun: 7am-1am

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Rue & Co Melbourne Pop-Up

Rue & Co - Melbourne Pop-Up.

Rue & Co – Melbourne Pop-Up.

We were wondering around for a place to eat for dinner and saw some astro-turf and bright lights, which captured our interest. We walked over and had inadvertently stumbled upon a Melbourne pop-up on Collins street. Surprise! Awesome food. It was great, they had three shipping containers turned into food stalls and heated seating areas. Eating, seating and heating, exactly what I wanted on this cold winters night.

Rue & Co - Melbourne Pop-Up.

Rue & Co – Melbourne Pop-Up (Kong, Jimmy Grants & St Ali)

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it got better. We were surrounded by some amazing artwork. There was a giant portrait of a woman on the wall and a digital installation projected on the other wall with a range of moving images. My fave part of the installation was the diamonds floating across the screen, they sort of moved like hot air balloons floating in the sky.

Rue & Co - Melbourne Pop-Up - St Ali beef burger.

Rue & Co – Melbourne Pop-Up – St Ali beef burger.

There were three stalls. One was Salvatore Malatesta’s St Ali where you can get some amazing burgers. They serve yummy breakfast burgers in the morning and other delicious burgers during the day and night. They also serve quality coffee and some cheeky desserts. Delicious giant cookies yum! I had the beef burger with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and special sauce. It was classic and delicious. They had the mushroom trip burger with a pickled wild mushroom for the vegos, which sounded yum too.

Rue & Co - Melbourne Pop-Up - Jimmy Grants souva and chips.

Rue & Co – Melbourne Pop-Up – Jimmy Grants souva and chips.

The middle stall was George Calombaris’ Jimmy Grants. They had the Mr Papadopoulos (which is the lamb souva w chips mustard aioli, onions & parsley). The meat just falls apart, the bread is soft and fluffy and the chips are already in the souva. Love it. And the Homer, which is the veg option, has tasty falafels, greek yoghurt and helenic slaw. They also had some salads (the famous grain salad), jimmys dimmys (dim sims) and their chips with feta, garlic oil and oregano yum!!

Rue & Co - Melbourne Pop-Up - Kong Korean honey & garlic chicken wings.

Rue & Co – Melbourne Pop-Up – Kong Korean honey & garlic chicken wings.

The third stall was Chris Lucas’ Kong which had Korean chicken wings, steamed buns and some roti wraps. So many yummy things to choose from. I tried the chicken wings w honey, garlic and sesame seeds which was nice, they had spicy ones too. They had pork steamed buns and tofu ones that looked delicious. They were those open steamed buns, Gua Baos. They also had some roti wraps, which I want to go back and try. Pulled pork, slaw, kim chi, siracha mayo all rolled in a roti wrap. Sounds delish.

It was mostly exciting because I didn’t know the pop-up was there. I must have missed the memo but I’m glad I did because just finding this place accidentally gave it all the more charm. We had some restaurant ideas in mind but hadn’t decided on where to eat. We naively wondered right into the adventure we were looking for.  This pop-up came out of nowhere; I guess that’s what they do best. It was great! Sometimes when you are wondering through life, something unexpected throws all your ideas out the window and presents to you exactly what you are looking for.  If something great comes your way, don’t be scared to change your plans.

I heart Rue & Co!

Olives x

Rue & Co Pop-Up
Address: 80 Collins Street, Melbourne
Trading Hours: Open until 10pm daily (I think they open at 11am)

Cumulus Inc.

Cumulus Inc.

Cumulus Inc.

I have been hearing about this restaurant for years and went there for the first time last week. Everyone who has been there has said nothing but amazing things and I finally got to experience it for myself. Everything I ate was brilliant! This relatively small space is brought to life by the great energy that fills the room. On one length of the room there is a bar with people seated along it and on the other side there is an open kitchen where the chefs are creating the meals. People were seated on round tables in the middle and along the bar and kitchen. It’s a small cozy space with a lot of style. Our waiter politely introduced us to the menu and was thorough in her menu descriptions, which was great.

Cumulus Inc. - Mmm Oysters.

Cumulus Inc. – Mmm Selection of Oysters.

We got some oysters to start. There was a list of oysters on the menu, written like a mini wine menu. This was new to me because the only options I’m used to choosing with oysters are whether I want ½ a dozen or a dozen. Our waiter explained the different types and they all sounded divine. We tried a range of different oysters from the selection. Previously I thought that oysters were just oysters but each of those oysters had such varying characteristics, different tastes, different sizes, different textures. Wow! I like the small sweet ones over the mature textural ones but they were all really good.

Cumulus Inc. - Baked Chilli Mussels.

Cumulus Inc. – Baked Chilli Mussels.

Next up, baked chilli mussels. The mussels were individually presented with a tomato based chilli sauce that had a decent kick to it. It was then sprinkled with Parmesan breadcrumbs on top with a spot of aioli to put out the fire. They were delish!

Cumulus Inc. - Foie Gras Parfait w Toasted Brioche.

Cumulus Inc. – Foie Gras Parfait w Toasted Brioche.

The thickly sliced triangles of brioche were very light and buttery and had a nice crunch to it, divine just on its own. The foie gras parfait was decadent and perfectly smooth, a great pairing for the toasty brioche. It’s delicious in a small dose so you appreciate it. We had three people and ate too much each. I found that if you get greedy and eat too much of the fois gras parfait it starts to leave an oily feeling on the roof of your mouth (that layer of grease feeling you get when you eat a cold sausage roll). Lesson learnt, don’t be greedy.


Cumulus Inc. - Flounder w lentils, bacon and radicchio.

Cumulus Inc. – Flounder w lentils, bacon and radicchio.

We ordered the special on the night, which was Flounder with lentils, bacon and radicchio. It was truly delicious! It was the perfect meal for a cold winters night (well cold autumn night). It was comforting and delicious. It was like a lamb casserole but the fish version, layers and layers of complex flavours served in a humble way. It was moreish and full of amazing flavours that worked perfectly. The salty bacon, the bitter riddichio, the creamy lentils and perfectly cooked flounder made it a stand out dish.

Cumulus Inc. - Cracked wheat and freekeh salad, preserved lemon, barberries.

Cumulus Inc. – Cracked wheat and freekeh salad, preserved lemon, barberries.

We had trouble deciding on which salad to get because they all sounded good but we shortlisted them down to two salads. We were tossing up between the two options but our waiter informed us that we could get a half serve of one salad and a half serve of the other salad. This was grand, we got the best of both worlds. Yay! I was very excited about this. It was so accommodating. It was a great solution. We decided on the half serve of Cracked wheat and freekeh salad, preserved lemon, barberries, which was so delicious, it was a flavour sensation, there was so much going on, lots of textures and lots of flavours, but it all worked really well. The dollops of yoghurt really brought it all together.

Cumulus Inc. - Roasted pumpkin, pomegranate molasses, shanklish & toasted seeds.

Cumulus Inc. – Roasted pumpkin, pomegranate molasses, shanklish & toasted seeds.

For the other half serve we ordered the roasted pumpkin, pomegranate molasses, shanklish (middle eastern cheese) & toasted seeds. It was so sweet. It was literally big chunks of roasted pumpkin with all the ingredients sprinkled on top. It was so sweet and really delicious! I loved how the pumpkin was the star and the other ingredients changed it into an interesting and complex flavour combo.

Cumulus Inc. - Chocolate Mess, milk & cocoa nib cream.

Cumulus Inc. – Chocolate Mess, milk & cocoa nib cream.

For dessert we ordered the chocolate mess , which was a chocolate bonanza. Chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, chocolate bits, chocolate everything! The ice-cream on top tasted a bit sour like a yogurt, which was good because the tartness offset all the rich chocolate tones. Very clever.

Cumulus Inc. - Madeleines filled with lemon curd.

Cumulus Inc. – Madeleines filled with lemon curd.

On the menu the madeleines say that they take 15 minutes, which I think is because they are made to order. Yum fresh! They looked beautiful sitting upon little beds of lemon curd. The delicate shell-shaped cakes were golden and crispy around the edges and a were soft and buttery in the middle with lemon curd centres. Delicious! These are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea to finish a wonderful meal.

The food was really delicious, and most of all, our experience was fantastic and memorable. There was a good flow of meals (a nice brief break between meals) and the service was great. I was especially excited about the oyster knowledge imparted. I was impressed with the presentation of the food and even more impressed once I tasted the food. It was all very exciting. Will definitely be back. Although sad the flounder is not permanently on the menu.  Loved it!

I heart Cumulus Inc.!

Olives x

Address: 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9650 1445
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-11pm Sat-Sun: 8am-11pm


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