Dex2rose - Street view

Dex2rose – Nitrogen Gelato – Melbourne

Dex2rose is a new nitrogen gelato place that recently opened in the city, down racing club lane (off little burke st). They have a team of creative people making some really interesting gelato flavours. They use only the finest ingredients and seasonal produce so you will find the menu usually changes every three weeks. In addition to great gelato they also do a tasty cold brew coffee, nitro brew (nitrogen charged) coffee and have bottles of cold pressed juice made in-house daily.

Dex2rose - Venue

Dex2rose – Venue

They have a nice open space where you can hang out and enjoy your gelato. Rain or shine, gelato is always a good idea.

Dex2rose - Nitogen Gelato

Dex2rose – Nitogen Gelato

This is the pre gelato mix churning away patiently waiting to evolve into real gelato.

Dex2rose - Nitro brew

Dex2rose – Nitro brew

To start I had a pot of nitro brew, which is cold brew coffee on tap charged with nitrogen. So awesome! It was really refreshing and surprisingly sweet. The nitro brew I had was infused with maple and brown sugar but they will be changing the flavours of the nitro brew every so often. They have an apple cinnamon one coming up soon. Yum! It had the appearance of a dark larger with a foamy beer head. It felt like I was drinking an ice-cold beer but it was actually coffee. Genius!

Dex2rose - Lazy dinner (sage, burnt butter & caramel)

Dex2rose – Lazy dinner (sage, burnt butter & caramel)

The ‘lazy dinner’ gelato sounded intriguing from the get go. Sage, burnt butter and caramel gelato, topped with sticky caramel sauce. It was a winner. The sage and burnt butter makes you feel like there is a savoury component (I think it’s the herbiness from the sage) and then the caramel offers the sweet component. The savoury and sweet gave a good balance of flavours and worked gloriously together. It was an odd combo but the flavours worked well. Not hard to see why it’s a crowd favourite.

Dex2rose - Pink Flamingo (peach & rose moscasto)

Dex2rose – Pink Flamingo (peach & rose moscasto)

Then I had the ‘pink flamingo’, which was a peach and rose Moscato sorbet with rosewater coconut cream. This one was refreshing and had more of an icey texture (it being a sorbet and all) but it still had an intense flavour. I personally prefer the creamy gelato more but a sorbet would definitely go down a treat on a scorching hot day. This particular sorbet was vegan, gluten free and non-dairy. And with Dex2rose’s ever-changing menu they always have at least 2 flavours that are GF, non-dairy and vegan friendly. They kindly cater for all gelato lovers.

Dex2rose - After Ate (Chocolate, peppermint & brownie chunks)

Dex2rose – After Ate (Chocolate, peppermint & brownie chunks)

The ‘After Ate’ was milk chocolate gelato infused with peppermint oil. The gelato was chocolate and mint combined which was nice. I feel like I usually have mint gelato with choc chips so it was a nice change. Through the gelato there were crunchy chocolate brownie chunks and then it was topped with a vertical spiral or fresh vanilla cream.

Dex2rose - Honey Stash (pistachio & honey w honey nut clusters & raspberry cream)

Dex2rose – Honey Stash (pistachio & honey w honey nut clusters & raspberry cream)

The honey stash was the star of the day for me. It was pistachio and honey gelato with honeyed nut clusters and raspberry cream. It was incredible! The gelato was full of flavour, it had an intense creamy pistachio and honey flavour that was absolutely divine.

Dex2rose - Honey clusters!

Dex2rose – Honey clusters!

Then it had a generous amount of surprise honey nut clusters scattered throughout the gelato which were delish and added good crunch. And then, it was topped with a fresh raspberry cream, which added an aerated texture and a subtle tartness. It was sensational.

Dex2rose - Fresh juice (strawberry, white grape & granny smith apple)

Dex2rose – Fresh juice (strawberry, white grape & granny smith apple)

They also make their own in-house cold pressed juice that they make daily. I had the strawberry, white grape and granny smith apple juice. It was tart, sweet and crisp. Yum!

Dex2rose is an exciting new gelato store, which exudes creativity, innovation and imagination. The experimental flavours and fresh ideas from the team at Dex2rose are sure to keep you returning for more. The staff are absolutely lovely and make you feel right at home and the gelato speaks for itself. It’s a great place to chill with some good friends and some great gelato.

I heart Dex2rose!

Olives x

Address: 377 Lt. Bourke Street, Melbourne (off Lt. Bourke, down racing club lane)
Phone: 03 9078 0784
Trading Hours: Sun-Thu: 12pm-11pm Fri-Sat: 12pm-12am

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Note: Olive Sundays was invited as a guest to Dex2rose.