Dead man espresso

Dead man espresso - Venue

Dead man espresso – Venue

If you’re on the hunt for amazing coffee in South Melbourne, dead man espresso is one of the best. They make a killer coffee and a delicious meal to go with.

Dead man espresso - Coffee

Dead man espresso – Coffee

The coffee is incredible. And the venue is located on a corner covered in wooden decking. Inside it has wooden walls and has a warm cosy cabin sort of feel which was nice considering the cold Melbourne weather at the moment.

They have a variety of dishes on the menu but you can tell by this post we were in a fried chicken kinda mood. You know it happens.

Dead man espresso - Deadman chicken burger

Dead man espresso – Deadman chicken burger

When the chicken burger came out I was like whoa! It was mammoth. I took a few seconds to contemplate on how best to eat it and then before you knew it, I had picked it up with my bare hands and devoured the gigantic thing in a matter of minutes. It was delish. I was concerned about the vegemite mayo because I thought it would overpower the dish. But no it was subtle and just added an interesting salty bitterness to the burger. The slaw was nice and crunchy and the Buttermilk fried chicken was moist and delicious. Buttermilk does wonders for chicken. And the house-made pickles were sliced thinly and placed on top of the multiple layers of fried chicken. Loved it.

Dead man espresso - Roscoes chicken & waffles

Dead man espresso – Roscoes chicken & waffles

Roscoes chicken and waffles were tasty. Good American soul food. Fried chicken! It was boneless chicken cut into pieces, which were tasty and crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle. The chunks of chicken sat on top of a soft waffle (more sort of the texture of a pancake) and drizzled with maple syrup. Together it was a great combination. My bf got a hash brown on the side, which was a big wheel of fried potato, how could you go wrong.

Dead man espresso - Orange & tonka bean doughnut

Dead man espresso – Orange & tonka bean doughnut

They had some amazing sweets sitting at the counter and I couldn’t walk away without trying one. We tried the doughnut filled with orange and tonka bean custard. Yum! Tonka bean is similar to vanilla but a little more complex. It was delicious.

Dead man espresso - Max can smell good coffee

Dead man espresso – Max knows good coffee

Max can smell a good coffee from a mile away.

For a great coffee and a tasty meal, Deadman espresso is definitely one to visit. The staff were lovely and it has a really cosy atmosphere.

I heart Dead man espresso!

Olives x

Dead man espresso
Address: 35 Market St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: 03 9696 3912
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm


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