Belle’s Hot Chicken

Belle's Hot Chicken - Diner

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Fitzroy

Belle’s hot chicken is a diner in Fitzroy, which serves American southern style fried chicken.The chicken is delicious! The chickens crunchy exterior and juicy interior can be hot or not, the choice is yours. This finger lickin’ fried chicken is definitely something worth talking about.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Venue

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Venue

There are booths and stools around or you can sit at the bar, true diner style. They also have some tables out front if you want some sunshine.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Hot Wings

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Hot Wings

You choose your meat then you choose your heat. Easy done. I had ordered within two minutes flat (which never happens). The indecisive in me always delays the ordering process, but not this time. Actually after that, you also choose a sauce, a side and a drink to go with, but the point I was making was that the menu is incredibly simple which made it easy to choose. Hmm do I want chicken, chicken or… chicken. I chose the hot chicken wings.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Hot Wings w mac & cheese

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Hot Wings w mac & cheese

The meat options are chicken tenders, chicken wings (my fave) and dark meat (a thigh and drummy). They also have fish and mushrooms for those not that into chicken. Then you choose your heat. The heat of chilli ascends from southern, mild to really f**kin’ hot. I decided not to assassinate my tastebuds over lunch and settled for hot. The hot chicken is a good flavour to heat ratio for me.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Chicken and chips

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Chicken and chips

All of the orders of meat come with a side. You can opt for the classic combo of chicken and chips or you can order a side of beans, coleslaw or broccoli and almond salad. The first time we visited Belle’s we had the mac and cheese, which was mushy and really cheesy. But second time round I got the broccoli and almond salad, which is one salad you do make friends with. It was yum. Also the chicken comes with pickles, and lots of them. Delish!

Belle's Hot Chicken - Chicken tenders, chips & ranch sauce

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Chicken tenders, chips & ranch sauce

They had dipping sauces too. The ranch was creamy, the blue cheese was cheesy but didn’t have a strong blue cheese flavour and the mississippi comeback sauce was sort of like a thousand island sauce. There is a piece of bread under the chicken to soak up the oil and keep the chicken crispy. My bf utilises this otherwise disregarded piece of bread and makes a chip buddy out of it.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Hot chicken & cold beverages

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Hot chicken & cold beverages

They have a range of alcoholic beverages on the menu, which make this diner even better. A bottle of wine with my fried chicken? Yes please! Why didn’t KFC think of that? Hot chicken, cold bevvies, match made in heaven.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Chicken and chips

Belle’s Hot Chicken – Chicken and chips

They have cutlery on hand but especially with wings you can’t be shy you just have to get right in and get your hands dirty. The chicken and side combo is very filling but if you can squeeze in a cheeky dessert, they have soft serves available, which can be a good cooling agent after some really f**kin’ hot chicken.

I heart Belle’s Hot Chicken!

Olives x

Belle’s Hot Chicken
Address: 150 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone: 03 9077 0788
Trading Hours: Mon:12pm-10pm, Wed-Sat: 12pm-11pm, Sun: 11am-5pm

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100 cheesy chicken nuggets…

Most of the mainstream take away food franchises have chicken nuggets somewhere on the menu. But only Red Rooster thought to be a little different. They really broke the mould with this one, filled the chicken nuggets with cheese and sprinkled sesame seeds over the batter. Pure genius! In appreciation of this subtle difference and in honour of them straying away from the pack of conformed nuggets, my friend and I thought we should attempt to eat 100.

Oh and to paint the picture clearly, 100 chicken nuggets as a combined effort. And yes I  hear your little thoughts, some of you are thinking, 50 nuggets each? That’s easy, anyone can eat 50 nuggets! We thought exactly the same thing until…..well until we didn’t.

So we arrive at the drive through window of Red Rooster and ask for 100 cheesy nuggets. According to the Red Rooster guy we apparently had the munchies…false…what I did have though was a large rice meal beforehand which could definitely hinder my chances of completing the challenge.

So we get home and pour a mountain of cheesy nuggets onto a large serving dish and begin. We count each CCN as we eat it.

1..2…3…nom nom nom.
4..6..8….this is going to be a breeze, we should have got more.                                                11…12… tastebuds are officially immune to the flavour of processed chicken.
19…20…22 at this point my strategy is to cease all sips and dips, no sipping drink and no sporadic dips in sauce. There’s not enough stomach room.                                                       23…24…25…I am full to the brim, they’re getting difficult to eat and I’m feeling dizzy, can….barely….move.

I stay on chicken nugget 27 for 5 minutes and eat it bit by bit. I slowly power through to nugget 28 and must stop. I was convinced that if I took one more bite, my intestines would literally explode and the damages would be fatal. Death by a chicken nugget? No sir.

My friend troops right through to nugget 37 but barfs three times on the way…eewww…but then you’ve got to admire her determination.

It was oh sooo funny but it’s a silly idea and I had a stomach-ache for hours. Don’t try this at home.

Everthing in moderation is easy to achieve when you’ve bought a reasonable amount of chicken nuggets to begin with. When there are large quantities of food available, sometimes you feel it’s your duty to consume as much as humanly possible, but knowing your limits can be the difference from a fantastic night to a regretful one. Make the right choice.

Olives x