Attack of the food clones…

Lately I have been noticing at my local supermarket that there is a Coles equivalent to almost every product available. Coles are duplicating my favourite foods and selling them at a lower pice. When Coles first started their attack, it was inconspicuous. I had a faint inkling that something was NQR but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My suspicions became more evident as I watched Coles branded products make a mockery of my dearest brands. My suspicions were correct. Coles is trying to take over the world, or at least my grocery choices.

I have figured out their plan of action and have documented my findings. So my favourite crumpets are the square ‘golden crumpets’ crumpet. It has a perforated line in the middle and breaks apart into two rectangle crumpets with ease. I recognised what Coles was doing and by then it was too late. After a three stage process, Coles had eliminated my favourite crumpet completely and replaced it with a foe Coles crumpet. This is how it all came to fruition.

Stage 1. Coles creating a false sense of security.

Crumpet selection: Golden crumpets square crumpet (my favourite!)
Golden crumpets circle crumpet

Stage 2. Coles getting ready for battle.

Crumpet selection: Golden crumpets square crumpet
Golden crumpets circle crumpet
Coles square crumpet(invaders!)

Stage 3. Coles attack.

Crumpet selection: Golden crumpets circle crumpet
Coles square crumpet (invaders must die!)
(Where the F are my crumpets?!)

Soon there will not be a golden crumpets option at all…Muahahaha! said Coles via their crumpet selection.

Our favourite brands will continue to disappear slowly but surely, creeping up on us until the store has absolutely no brands that are familiar (sort of how I feel when I walk into Aldi).

There has been instances where I am in a rush, I need a few vital ingredients and I need them fast, I’m in and out of Coles in under ten minutes and lunch on time is on the line. Quick! Once home, I take out my groceries and lay them out on the kitchen table, only to reveal that I have accidentally picked up a Coles brand item by mistake. I must admit defeat and surrender to the Coles item because it did taste almost identical to the product I usually buy, plus it was cheaper. Bonus! So the next time I was shopping, I picked up the Coles brand item and intentionally tried it for a second time. Fool me once, shame on Coles, fool me twice, shame on me.

Its like replacing your favourite teddy bear with a new one. I don’t want a new one, I want MY one. So when my favourite product is replaced by a new and cheaper product it makes me sad. At the end of the day, changes happen and people adjust. If the change isn’t right for you, find one that is.

Olives x