Live Below The Line 2014

Live Below The Line 2014.

Live Below The Line 2014.

This week I signed up for Live Below the Line, which is a campaign where thousands of Australians eat on $2 a day for five days to support people living in extreme poverty. This amazing initiative helps raise funds for quality education for people in East Timor, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

At first I was hesitant to participate because I love eating. I spend a lot of my time eating and a considerable portion of my income is spent on food. The minimal budget of $10 over 5 days is a definite challenge considering I would probably spend about that amount on one meal alone. I was thinking it would be too difficult for me, but then I realised this is actually a challenge that some people face everyday without the option to do or not to do. The suffering of people in poverty is unimaginable and the determination these people have to lead their communities out of poverty is admirable.

Help the fight against extreme poverty!

Help the fight against extreme poverty!

I read this article in ‘The Weekly Review’ on Viv Benjamin from Live Below The Line and Chief Executive of the Oaktree Foundation, and this was something that hit home for me, she said:

“We have more than enough food in the world, we have more than enough money in the world, but the distribution of both is out of whack. We have the resources to end this, we just need to be the generation that says it’s not acceptable.”

This rang true to me and so I decided to join the campaign to raise funds for this amazing cause. It starts on May 5th-9th so If you want to take part and make a difference you can sign up or donate here

Check out this video, it gives you a visual overview on Live Below the Line

Now to organise a meal plan for the five days. Any suggestions? My bf thought he’d help plan but his idea seemed a little too repetitive. This was his plan: Our pizza place does a special deal of $10 for 2 large pizzas. 2 large pizzas means 16 slices of pizza (3 slices per day) plus one bonus slice for when I’m really struggling. So that means each day I would eat one pizza for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner and one slice to eat in case of an emergency. It was a good suggestion but hmm just not for me.

Stay tuned for meal plans and updates.

Thanks for your support!

Olives x

100 cheesy chicken nuggets…

Most of the mainstream take away food franchises have chicken nuggets somewhere on the menu. But only Red Rooster thought to be a little different. They really broke the mould with this one, filled the chicken nuggets with cheese and sprinkled sesame seeds over the batter. Pure genius! In appreciation of this subtle difference and in honour of them straying away from the pack of conformed nuggets, my friend and I thought we should attempt to eat 100.

Oh and to paint the picture clearly, 100 chicken nuggets as a combined effort. And yes I  hear your little thoughts, some of you are thinking, 50 nuggets each? That’s easy, anyone can eat 50 nuggets! We thought exactly the same thing until…..well until we didn’t.

So we arrive at the drive through window of Red Rooster and ask for 100 cheesy nuggets. According to the Red Rooster guy we apparently had the munchies…false…what I did have though was a large rice meal beforehand which could definitely hinder my chances of completing the challenge.

So we get home and pour a mountain of cheesy nuggets onto a large serving dish and begin. We count each CCN as we eat it.

1..2…3…nom nom nom.
4..6..8….this is going to be a breeze, we should have got more.                                                11…12… tastebuds are officially immune to the flavour of processed chicken.
19…20…22 at this point my strategy is to cease all sips and dips, no sipping drink and no sporadic dips in sauce. There’s not enough stomach room.                                                       23…24…25…I am full to the brim, they’re getting difficult to eat and I’m feeling dizzy, can….barely….move.

I stay on chicken nugget 27 for 5 minutes and eat it bit by bit. I slowly power through to nugget 28 and must stop. I was convinced that if I took one more bite, my intestines would literally explode and the damages would be fatal. Death by a chicken nugget? No sir.

My friend troops right through to nugget 37 but barfs three times on the way…eewww…but then you’ve got to admire her determination.

It was oh sooo funny but it’s a silly idea and I had a stomach-ache for hours. Don’t try this at home.

Everthing in moderation is easy to achieve when you’ve bought a reasonable amount of chicken nuggets to begin with. When there are large quantities of food available, sometimes you feel it’s your duty to consume as much as humanly possible, but knowing your limits can be the difference from a fantastic night to a regretful one. Make the right choice.

Olives x

A Whole Gobstopper…

My brother and I decided to create a battle to determine who is the better sibling. Instead of a fight to the death we thought we’d have a gobstopper challenge. A gobstopper is a hard lolly also known as a jawbreaker that looks a bit like a ball made of plaster splattered with paint by abstract artists…edible paint and plaster of course. We chose gobstoppers because they’re way too hard to bite without risking serious dental damage which means it takes an extra long time to actually finish one. This way we can genuinely evaluate the components of strategy, technique and endurance.

When channeling all of your energy into consuming a gobstopper, innovation and creativity plays a key role. We found little things around the house that the gobstoppers could sit in, be eaten in, sleep in ect. We had to prepare and basically readjust our whole lifestyles to cater for the lil’ stoppers.

It’s definitely an achievement of some sort. I mean who can honestly say they have consumed an entire gobstopper?  Some people like to climb mountains some people like to consume whole gobstoppers, tomatoes…tamatas

So we bought two mammoth gobstoppers, I’m talking 5cm diametre. We measured the giant things and made sure they were the same size. We wrote out a contract with a set of rules to abide by. It was then signed by both parties with a witness at hand. It read:

1. The gobstopper is not to be taken into the shower with you.
2. You must not walk in the rain with the gobstopper exposed.
3. You can not take the gobstopper swimming.
3. If the gobstopper gets dirty, it is your own fault and must continue without washing.
4. Monthly measurements are mandatory.
5. No smashing the gobstopper into pieces.                                                                                     6. If the Gobstopper comes into contact with water accidentally you must fill out a gobstopper incident report.

Whoever finishes the whole gobstopper first, can claim the title of ‘Best and Fairest Fredericks’. So who won?…
I ate it all, I lie. I barely scratched the surface. On the fourth day I binned it, my teeth hurt and I couldn’t sleep properly. Passers by were staring at me at the shops and I repeatedly had to tell friends the reason why the gobstopper had to come along too. My brother survived a few more days but bailed not long after.

The challenge was not completed and it was the gobstoppers who won this round. So the question still stands…who is the better Fredericks?

Olives x