Kwan’s Table

Kwan's Table - St Kilda

Kwan’s Table – Street view

Kwan’s table is a Thai inspired café and patisserie that recently opened on Inkerman Street in St Kilda.You can visit Kwans for a savoury meal and stay for the sweets, which is what we did on this fine morning. They do modern Thai inspired meals like soft-shell crab in a brioche burger and deep-fried pork belly with an apple salad. Their desserts are inspired by French technique but incorporate Thai flavours like lychee, coconut, pandan and kaya. They only opened about 6 weeks ago but are already making a good impression around town.

Kwan's Table - Venue

Kwan’s Table – Venue

It’s a cute little cafe. And the staff are lovely.

Kwan's Table - Pandan custard toast

Kwan’s Table – Pandan custard toast

The pandan custard toast was insanely delicious. One mouthful and I was in love. The super thick toast was lathered in a warm smooth creamy pandan wonderland of deliciousness. A generous amount of custard was spread over the toast with toasted coconut sprinkled on top and was cut into bite size squares so it was easy to eat. Loved it. They also have a kaya (coconut jam) custard toast for those who love kaya.

Kwan's Table - Pork belly salad

Kwan’s Table – Pork belly salad

The pork belly salad was lovely and fresh. The pork belly pieces were lightly battered and deep fried. The fresh salad had red cabbage, carrot, lettuce, spinach, slithers of apple, coriander and chopped peanuts in a sweet tangy dressing., which was just what I needed on this warm summer day.

Kwan's Table - Chilli cheese soldiers

Kwan’s Table – Chilli cheese soldiers

We tried the oh-so-cheesy chilli cheese soldiers which was thick toast soldiers with cheese in the middle and cheese on top. It also had sliced red chilli, red onion and coriander scattered over the top. A tasty snack.

Kwan's Table - Lychee and raspberry charlotte

Kwan’s Table – Lychee and raspberry charlotte

The lychee and raspberry charlotte had a beautiful raspberry and lychee mousse inside and was encased in a circular fence of mini sponge fingers. It was topped with fresh lychee and raspberries.

Kwan's Table - Mango and sticky rice macaron

Kwan’s Table – Mango and sticky rice macaron

The mango and sticky rice macaron was great. Mango and sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert but I certainly hadn’t had it inside a macaron before. It was a large sized macaron filled with layered mango and sticky rice bits. It think it had like a mango and sticky rice custard in there too. I know my mum would have loved this one.

Kwan's Table - Soy latte

Kwan’s Table – Soy latte

And to top off a great brunch date, the coffee was awesome too. They use 5 senses and had bonsoy yay! And also I know I already mentioned this but the pandan toast was bom! I can foresee myself making regular stops to Kwan’s for coffee and pandan toast. In conclusion you need to mosey on down to Kwan’s table for a modern Thai adventure.

I heart Kwan’s Table!

Olives x

Kwans Table
Address: 7 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: 03 9939 3153
Trading Hours: Tue-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 10am-5pm, (closed on Mondays)

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Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns - Abbotsford

Kitty Burns – Abbotsford

Kitty Burns is a new brunch café that recently opened in Abbotsford. The menu provokes excitement and the food presentation is on point. Overlooking the yarra they have an open outdoor area, which is perfect for summer days.

Kitty Burns - Venue

Kitty Burns – Venue

The venue has an open space with lots of natural light which gives you positive feels and the greenery and wooden pointed arches give it a modern look.

Kitty Burns - Iced coffee and chocolate

Kitty Burns – Iced coffee and chocolate

Some drinks to start, iced latte and iced chocolate.

Kitty Burns - Pea and garden mint panna cotta

Kitty Burns – Pea and garden mint panna cotta

The pea and garden mint panna cotta is a creative concept. A closed glass jar was presented aside a piece of toast. As I opened the jar, a waft of smokey woodchips drifted out and reveled a beautiful edible garden. There was a silky green panna cotta in the bottom, layered with bacon crumb, potato popcorn, house smoked salmon, a 62 degree egg, pea shoots and edible flowers. The flavour of the panna cotta was light and refreshing and matched perfectly with the crunchy bread. Then the oozy egg yolk, the oily salmon, the salty finely crumbed bacon, and the crunchy potato pops. The flavours and textures all complimented each other. It was delish.

Kitty Burns - Mac and cheese croquette

Kitty Burns – Mac and cheese croquette

I also couldn’t refrain from ordering a mac and cheese croquette on the side.

Kitty Burns - Shaved pork belly bun

Kitty Burns – Shaved pork belly bun

The KB was tasty. It was shaved free-range pork belly with green mango and papaya slaw and umami mayo in a brioche bun. It had a side of house made pickles and a piece of crunchy chicheron (puffed pork crackle) on top.

Kitty Burns - Hanger steak sandwich

Kitty Burns – Hanger steak sandwich

The hanger steak was an open steak sandwich on sourdough. Edible flowers can make even a steak sandwich look pretty. The meat was lovely, you could choose how the meat was cooked (medium) and the outside of the meat had a strong charcoal smokey flavour. It was served with caramelised shitake ketchup, which was aweome and complimented the meat well. Then there was chargrilled cucumber, bean sprouts and coriander. It came with waffle potato crisps, which were crunchy and looked great.

Kitty Burns - French toast

Kitty Burns – French toast

We had the French toast for something sweet. It was a thick piece of bread with a thin layer of sweet eggy deliciousness. It was paired with an interesting range of flavours. The whipped maple syrup added a sweet creaminess, the spots of coffee ganache added richness, the quince added tartness and the compressed poached peaches added a lovely summer flavour.

Kitty Burns is an exciting new brunch spot with an innovative menu and an inspiring atmosphere. Perfect for summer brunches!

I heart Kitty Burns!

Olives x

Kitty Burns
Address: 24 Acacia Pl, Melbourne VIC 3067
Phone: 03 9427 0164
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 6.30am-4.30pm, Sat-Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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BAWA cafe - Hawthorn

BAWA – Hawthorn

Bawa is a cafe that recently opened in Hawthorn and is very popular for good reason. The food is amazing and the atmosphere has a positive vibe. Both the menu and décor have a bit of a tropical theme that is expressed in a contemporary way. With their combined talents from pillar of salt, square & compass, barry, and three bags full, this interesting menu is set to inspire.

BAWA cafe - Venue

BAWA – Venue

The décor has an open space, nature-loving feel about it with lots of light and greenery.

BAWA cafe - Iced latte

BAWA – Iced latte

They do a really good coffee. Iced latte included.

BAWA cafe - Black tonic

BAWA – Black tonic

I hadn’t heard of a black tonic before. It was awesome. An espresso with lime and tonic. So refreshing.

BAWA cafe - Chia pudding

BAWA – Chia pudding

One mouthful of the chia pudding instantly took me to clear blue seas and white sandy beaches some place of a tropical island. The chia pudding was creamy with coconut and had chunks of tropical fruits like passionfruit, mango and an assortment of berries. There were also a variety of dehydrated fruits and pistachios with a touch of rosewater and some fresh mint. It was paradise in a bowl.

BAWA cafe - Potato rosti, slow braised pork & herb hollaindaise

BAWA – Potato rosti, slow braised pork & herb hollaindaise

The potato rosti was exactly the way a potato rosti should be. Golden and crunchy on the outside with soft grated potato in the middle. It was covered in a generous amount of juicy slow-braised pulled pork (amazing!) and perfectly cooked poachies. It was topped with a lovely sweet, creamy tangy hollandaise. It was herby and had flavours of apple. There were also cuts of dehydrated apple scattered around the plate that added an interesting texture. Delicious!

BAWA cafe - Seared blackberry & lime cured ocean trout

BAWA – Seared blackberry & lime cured ocean trout

The seared blackberry and lime cured ocean trout was cooked perfectly and had a beautifully crisp skin. The oily fish melted in your mouth and had a lovely salad to accompany it with radicchio, heirloom tomato and samphire, which worked well with the ocean trout. It had a buttermilk dressing and a basil vinaigrette that brought it all together.

BAWA cafe - All day breakfast

BAWA – All day breakfast

If you want to customize your meal, eggs your way on toast is a good way to get started. My friend got the eggs your way (she went with poached) and then tacked on all of her faves. She got a side of mushrooms (mix of brown and enoki), avocado (big zesty chunks) and a potato rosti (golden crispy). Design your own big breakfast with a bunch of sides.

BAWA cafe - Ricotta fritters w lavender custard and strawberries

BAWA – Ricotta fritters w lavender custard and strawberries

The ricotta fritters were fried and fluffy and was served with a beautifully fragrant lavender custard. Then there were strawberries in many forms. Juicy poached ones, dehydrated ones and a strawberry coulis. It was lovely.

BAWA has a beautiful open atmosphere, a great place for catch-ups and brunch dates. There are lots of exciting items on the menu and the staff are lovely too.

I heart BAWA!

Olives x

Address: 248 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC
Phone: 03 9819 6701
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat: 7am-4pm, Sun 8am-4pm

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Mammoth - Street view

Mammoth – Armadale

Pushing the boundaries and taking risks would be an understatement when it comes to brunching at Mammoth. With a lobster doughnut burger on the menu aside egg and bacon popcorn, it is definitely a place that will leave you amazed and inspired. This café in Armadale was created by people from restaurants touchwood, barry, pillar of salt and hammer and tong (ahh it all makes sense). These distinguished foodie creatives have collaborated to execute these unimaginable dishes with confidence. Quirky and creative food that makes you go wow.

Mammoth - Venue

Mammoth – Venue

It’s bright inside with white brick walls, white hanging lights, light coloured wooden chairs and a few scattered artworks in pastels. It gives the atmosphere a cheerful and whimsical feel. The space is an odd shape, which is good for finding your own little space.

Mammoth - Lobster Donut

Mammoth – Lobster Donut

The lobster doughnut burger in its title holds a lot of curiosity. Could those three things co-exist on one plate and be delicious? I had to find out. And the verdict was…hellz yea they can. The doughnut was covered with salt and pepper (that totally looked like cinnamon sugar) and it was fluffy and soft in the middle but definitely more savoury of a doughnut than sweet. It was filled with big chunks of lobster with cucumber jam, sriracha mayo and some green mango and papaya slaw. A good combo of creamy and fresh.

Mammoth - Egg and bacon popcorn

Mammoth – Egg and bacon popcorn

The egg and bacon popcorn was a delight. It tasted like popcorn as you know it with egg yolk and crispy bacon on top. It was so good and they got the right balance of topping because the popcorn wasn’t soggy and still had it’s light popping corn crunch. They need to get this popcorn into all cinemas asap.

Mammoth - Coconut yoghurt custard w strawberry salad

Mammoth – Coconut yoghurt custard w strawberry salad

The coconut yoghurt custard was smooth and creamy and had a beautiful strawberry salad on top. It looked like a garden of strawberries, so pretty with fresh strawberries and strawberry gel, crunchy buckwheat clusters, wattle seed granola and young coconut pieces. Lots of healthy stuff that make for one tasty meal.

Mammoth - The benedict w duck sausage

Mammoth – The benedict w duck sausage

The benedict was interesting, not your traditional benedict. It was a sausage and egg blini with hollandaise, so good. Fried duck sausage with pickled onion a fried egg on a orange and corn blini (like a pikelet) and smoked maple hollandaise. Delish.

Mammoth - Egg brulee w pickled zucchini artichoke

Mammoth – Egg brulee w pickled zucchini artichoke

The eggs brulee were so cute with their little bruleed yolks. They were served with slithers of bread and butter pickled zucchini and crunchy bits of dried artichoke on seeded toast. Again not a combination I’ve ever seen before, but it works.

Mammoth - North shore

Mammoth – North shore

The North shore had little bits of different things that work well. It had a smokey ham hock hash, flame grilled pineapple, tobasco, a jalepeno popper and poached eggs. Tasty.

Mammoth - Char spanner crab egg crepe

Mammoth – Char spanner crab egg crepe

The Char spanner crab egg crepe was black and looked mysterious. It was filled with a bean shoot salad, water chestnuts and a scoop of lemon sorbet. Lots of fresh flavours.

Mammoth - Smoked chicken salad

Mammoth – Smoked chicken salad

The chicken salad had lots of lovely fresh ingredients and various textures. There was spinach, green beans, radicchio, almonds and fresh coriander in a well-balanced zesty sweet lime dressing.

Mammoth - Golden gaytime panna cotta

Mammoth – Golden gaytime panna cotta

We had a gay ‘ol time with the Gaytime panna cotta. The toffee caramel panna cotta was incredibly smooth and creamy and was topped with popping candy chocolate, bits of honeycomb, biscuit pieces and a bit of gold leaf. It was a nice combination of textures.

Mammoth - Iced coffee

Mammoth – Iced coffee

Great iced-latte. Delish!

I love a bit of creativity in the kitchen especially when they get it right. Mammoth is a great place to eat for breakfast or lunch and is especially good if you feel like something out of the ordinary and want to be inspired. Creative concepts executed well.

I heart Mammoth

Olives x

Address: 736 Malvern Rd, Armadale VIC 3143
Phone: 03 9824 5239
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri:7.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 8pm-4.30pm

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Mr. Mister

Mr. Mister - Venue

Mr. Mister – Chapel Street, Windsor

Mr. Mister is a café on chapel street that serves delicious food. They have a range of interesting items on the menu that are well executed. There are lots of sunshine filled indoor and outdoor spaces with a bit of a nature inspired decor. The meals are made with love and quality produce. The food is clean, fresh and well balanced. A great place for brunch.

Mr. Mister - Potato rosti w terrine and apple cider chutney

Mr. Mister – Potato rosti w terrine and apple cider chutney

The potato rosti squares were super crunchy on the outside and had that lovely kinda sticky potato on the inside. The terrine was colourful and full of flavour packed with chicken, ham hock and pistachio. Great combination. The apple cider chutney had a nice apple flavour, which added a bit of acidity and moistness to the dish. I liked the addition of parsley, which added freshness. There was some blanched baby spinach for greenery and a couple of yolk porn poachies. There were a few thin slices of crunchy bread like crostini scattered throughout. It was unique and a clever combination of flavours. Delish.

Mr. Mister - Smashed avo w marinated heirloom tomatoes

Mr. Mister – Smashed avo w marinated heirloom tomatoes

The smashed avocado was creamy and zesty and went well with the seeded bread. The marinated heirloom tomatoes were tasty and pretty with all the different colours. The was burrata cheese on top which was a similar texture to buffalo mozerella it was delish. We got added roasted field mushrooms on the side, which were yum too.

Mr. Mister - House-made banana bread

Mr. Mister – House-made banana bread

The house made banana bread was so good. It was thick, dense,crumbly and packed full of walnuts. There were two slices. One slice had a quenelle of espresso mascarpone and espresso praline on top. The flavours were insane together. Coffee and banana, absolutely delish! And then the other slice had a coconut panna cotta on top that was smooth and had a nice jiggle to it. The coconut and banana was amazing too. There was a lovely berry coulis and fresh berries that added tartness and a bit of fresh mint. Divine! Everything on that plate went well together.

Mr. Mister - Coffees

Mr. Mister – Coffees

Good coffee too.

The meals had a great sense of balance and seemed relatively healthy. And there are lots of Veg, Vegan and GF options on the menu, which is great to see. Even the indulgent things on the menu didn’t seem too unhealthy. We really enjoyed it. A lovely place to visit for breakfast or lunch.

I heart Mr. Mister!

Olives x

Mr. Mister
Address: 161 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Phone: 03 9529 3902
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 6.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-4.30pm

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