Rustica Sourdough

Rustica Sourdough - Street view

Rustica Sourdough – Street view

Rustica sourdough make beautiful artisan breads and pastries on site that look spectacular and taste amazing. Lots of care has been taken to create these beautifully hand-crafted delights and you can taste the love. Their menu highlights their traditional breads in a unique and modern way.

Rustica Sourdough - Venue

Rustica Sourdough – Venue

As I walked in I was already drooling over the breads behind the counter and pastries on display, they looked amazing. There were shelves of different breads, which are all made on the premises so they are as fresh as can be. Sourdough, seedy wholewheat and rye, oh my.

Rustica Sourdough - Artwork

Rustica Sourdough – Artwork

They had some cool art on the walls.

Rustica Sourdough - Coffee

Rustica Sourdough – Coffee

They do a good coffee.

Rustica Sourdough - Rustica Breakfast Board

Rustica Sourdough – Rustica breakfast board

The Rustica breakfast board has a little bit of everything. You get a jar of house made granola w organic yoghurt. The granola was nice and crunchy with toasted oats and seeds and yumness topped with the organic yoghurt, which was thick and creamy. And a bottle of milk to go with. Then you get a glass of cold press juice, I chose apple, orange and beetroot, which was delish. Then there was a slice of pumpkin sourdough (OMG amazing!). It was a rustic, hearty slice of sourdough with a delicate pumpkin flavour yum. It had a poached egg on top with oozing yolk and a dollop of zesty smashed avo beside it. Everything you need to start the day. It was a really well rounded meal and a super cute idea. All the elements on the board were tasty.

Rustica Sourdough - French toast

Rustica Sourdough – French toast

The French toast was impressive. There was sweet ricotta and soft roasted figs sandwiched between two mega pieces of buttery brioche French toast. It was so soft, it was like cutting through butter. It was light and spongy and delicious. It was dressed with lemon myrtle syrup and topped with raspberry mascarpone, nuts, fresh berries and little flower petals. Very pretty.

Rustica Sourdough - Triple berry cronut

Rustica Sourdough – Triple berry cronut

Their cronuts are unreal. I’d say one of Melbourne’s best cronuts for sure. It had all the strengths of a doughnut and croissant rolled into one. It is the shape of a doughnut and fried and sprinkled with sugar like a doughnut, then it has the fluffy buttery layers of pastry like a croissant. We got the blueberry, raspberry, blackberry cronut. When we bit into it, it had the buttery layers of fried pastry with a layer of triple berry mousse inside which was absolutely divine. It was delicious! Berry delicious! ;)

Rustica Sourdough - Pumpkin Sourdough

Rustica Sourdough – Pumpkin Sourdough

I had to take home a loaf of pumpkin bread. It was fluffy and comforting, a tiny bit sweet and oh so fresh. It was the kind of pumpkin bread you only eat in dreams. Perfection!

Rustica Sourdough - Hot cross buns and the easter bunny

Rustica Sourdough – Hot cross buns and the easter frenchie

Easter bunny alert! False alarm it’s just Max. Those bunny ears fool me every time. The hot cross buns he is trying to get his paws on are baked fresh at rustica and are absolutely delicious. They have lots of fruit and a really nice flavour. I also whacked on a large helping of butter, which made it even butter, I mean better. I assume these buns are only around during the easter period so best to visit soon if you’re into buns of the hot cross variety.

I really enjoyed my experience at Rustica Sourdough. How can you beat traditional artisan hand crafted bread baked fresh? The staff is friendly, the food is delicious and the bread is top class. I just wish I lived closer so this could be my local bakery.

I heart Rustica Sourdough!

Rustica Sourdough
Address: 402 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Phone: 03 9417 7775
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat: 7am-5pm, Sun: 8am-4pm

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Note: Olive Sundays was invited as a guest to Rustica Sourdough Bakery.

Pop Up Scroll

Pop up scroll - Box o' scrolls

Pop up scroll – Box o’ scrolls

Pop up scroll is a little store that specialises in scrolls and coffee. There were cupcakes, then there were macarons, then there were doughnuts, and now there are scrolls. It’s no secret that Melbourne loves sweets. And when a specialty store like this pops up, sweet tooths flock to the occasion.

Pop up scroll - Street view

Pop up scroll – Street view

They have a variety of scrolls to choose from and you can have your coffee with milk, soy or coconut milk. Like all pop-ups it is only around for a limited time but there are plans in the near future to have a more permanent store for those who have decided to incorporate a daily scroll into their everyday lives.

Pop up scroll - Venue

Pop up scroll – Venue

It’s really cute inside, there are teacups on the shelf and pictures on the wall that make you feel like you’ve walked into a little golden book. There are little coffee tables and chairs around so you can stop, sit and get your scroll on.

Pop up scroll - The original cinnamon and cream cheese scroll

Pop up scroll – The original cinnamon and cream cheese scroll

The O.G. the original cinnamon scroll with cream cheese was what began the concept for pop up scroll. The owner was previously making lots of scrolls every day in his last café to keep up with the demand. Needless to say, the scrolls were exceptional. From this response, him and his wife decided to explore the idea of specialised scrolls further. And thank goodness they did. Their freshly baked buttery scrolls are divine.

Pop up scroll - Chocolate and caramel scroll

Pop up scroll – Chocolate and caramel scroll

The chocolate and caramel scroll was delish. My bf’s fave. It had a good chocolate to caramel ratio and went well on the soft brioche based scroll. It was like melted chocolate and caramel on a soft buttery bun. Delish!

Pop up scroll - Peanut butter banana scroll

Pop up scroll – Peanut butter banana scroll

Then there was the peanut butter and banana scroll. I’m a fan of pb with banana so I was excited. And as expected, it was damn good. The sweet banana with the mildly salty peanut butter cream piped on top with crushed peanuts had great balance. Amazing!

Pop up scroll - Coconut and white chocolate scroll

Pop up scroll – Coconut and white chocolate scroll

The coconut white chocolate scroll was Malaysian inspired. It was glazed with white chocolate and then topped with a generous amount of sweet caramelised coconut.

Pop up scroll - Apple and frangipane scroll

Pop up scroll – Apple and frangipane scroll

The apple and frangipane and the cherry pistachio scrolls were more of a croissant style scroll like an escargot. The apple and frangipane was simple and delicious. A bit crispy, a bit buttery with apple almond bits through the scroll. It looked pretty dusted with icing sugar on just one side.

Pop up scroll - Cherry and pistachio scroll

Pop up scroll – Cherry and pistachio scroll

The cherry and pistachio was good. The sourness of the whole cherries and the creamy pistachio sauce drizzled on top made for an interesting combo. It was yum.

Pop up scroll - Mini Cinni

Pop up scroll – Mini Cinni

They also had a miniature version of the cinnamon scroll when we went. Awww. The mini cinni is so cute. It’s an itty-bitty version of the cinnamon scroll with cream cheese and it’s just adorable.

Pop up scroll - Max Vs. The scroll

Pop up scroll – Max Vs. The scroll

As always Max is trying to swindle a bit of cinnamon scroll as part of his dinner.

To be honest, I haven’t had a scroll for a very long time before my recent travels to pop up scroll. And I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised. Scrolls are not usually my go-to pastry but these scrolls are a different breed. Not boring, tasteless and only for old people. They were exciting, inspiring and delicious. I love eating the scroll from the outside layer around to the centre mmm always the best bit. Scrolls are definitely making a comeback.

I heart Pop Up Scroll!

Olives x

Pop Up Scroll
Address: 86 Smith Street, Collingwood
Trading Hours: Mon–Fri: 8am – 4pm, Sat: 9am-4pm (closed Sunday)

Flour Market (27th July 2014)

Flour Market - Fitzroy Town Hall

Flour Market – Fitzroy Town Hall

I enjoy a sleep-in as much as the next guy but when Melbourne’s emerging, new established, artisan and underground bakers come together for a winter bake sale, I’m there. The Flour Market was held at Fitzroy town hall this morning and there was an abundance of indulgent pastries, breads, cakes, pies, donuts and much much more.

Agathe Patisserie

Agathe Patisserie

We walked in and there were crates full of golden croissants. Agathe Patisserie had deliciously buttery croissants, plain and chocolate. They also had little brioche swirly buns with Nutella and custard meringue ones too. Yum!

GF Precinct

GF Precinct 

GF Precinct had a nice variety of freshly baked Gluten free breads.

Citizen Cacao

Citizen Cacao

There were some interesting truffles displayed by Citizen Cacao, which were raw, vegan and super tasty. They had a good sweet salty balance going on and some interesting flavours like berry coconut chia, orange and pistachio praline, chipotle, rosemary, salted caramel and almond butter.

All Day Donuts

All Day Donuts

All Day Donuts had two types of donuts for sale, strawberry glaze w liquid cheesecake and chocolate glaze w mint rubble. Naturally we had to try both. They were both absolutely delicious!

Mmm treasure...Max's nose knows

Mmm treasure…Max’s nose knows

When we took them home Max was onto it straight away. He was sniffing around for treasure. His nose knows when there are yummy treats in close vicinity.

Tivoli Road Bakery

Tivoli Road Bakery

Tivoli road had some impressive looking loves of bread and a range of sweet pastries.

Tivoli Road Bakery

Tivoli Road Bakery

They had croissants (plain, almond and chocolate) and danishes (pear, rhubarb and raisin and pistachio escargot).

Tivoli Road Bakery

Tivoli Road Bakery


They also had these cinnamon custard scrolls, which were really cinnamony and really delicious (one of my faves).



There were lots of little tarts made by Nora which had exciting flavours like lemon & lemongrass ginger brulee, coconut pandan, tamarind cream cheese strawberries, honey dark choc sea salt & sesame and quince espresso cream coconut caramel. We tried the brulee and the dark choc tarts, which were amazing.

Moonbeam Kitchen Cakes

Moonbeam Kitchen Cakes

Moonbeam kitchen had a range of cakes made from scratch. They had all different cakes, which were medium sized cakes (big enough to share if you’re feeling nice but also small enough to eat on your own). They had banana cake, apply country cake, a lemon loaf w cream cheese frosting, vegan chocolate cakes. They also had a range of flourless cakes, chocolate & raspberry and pear & almond.

Bakewell & Co

Bakewell & Co

Bakewell & Co had all different flavoured pies, they had chocolate & peanut butter, spiced pumpkin, cherry, lemon blueberry and apple.

Bakewell & Co

Bakewell & Co


They also had assorted cream biscuits like a fresh kingston cream bisciut and homemade oreos.

Bakewell & Co

Bakewell & Co

They also had these sea salt chic chop cookies which were delish.

Cobb Lane Bakery

Cobb Lane Bakery

There was a stall with a variety of donuts bursting with fillings. There was raspberry lychee & rose (the rose was delightful), peanut butter & jelly (I wanted more PB), salted caramel (OMG), lime curd and meringue and jaffa. The salted caramel one was so decadent. The caramel was so rich and salty it was delicious but tasted deadly. After each bite I needed a break. They also had the salted caramel in jars for sale.

Flour to the people

Flour to the people

This guy. Flour to the people! Love it. There were also some other stalls with savoury food like Pure Pie (Love their beef, red wine rosemary pie), Pierogi Pierogi (I want to try these) and Shop Ramen (Their baos looked good) but this morning I had my eyes on only sweets. At Ed’s Breads they had a yummy potato and honey loaf and they were selling slices of their bread with grilled cheese. Yum grilled cheese! I just didn’t have enough hands or coordination to hold stuff and eat hot food at the same time.

A very sweet breakfast

A very sweet breakfast

We bought lots of yummy treats and it was a good thing I brought my bf because he makes a great pack mule and helped me carry all the stuff. We went to my mum’s house and had the family over for breakfast. A very sweet breakfast indeed. We toasted the Dr. Marty’s Crumpets at home and they were really yummy. They were really soft and fluffy when you bite into them.

Luckily we bought the early risers tickets (only $10), which allows you to enter the bake sale half an hour before it opens at 9am. When we left there was a huge line down the street so I was glad we went early. I had heaps of fun and have definitely eaten way more than my daily intake of sugar for the day. They have had a few Flour Market’s so far, so hopefully they continue these bake sales because they’re awesome!

I heart the Flour Market!

Olives x