Bagels on board…

When confronted by the assortment of bread options at the bakery, the bagel serves no purpose in my breakfast choice.  In amongst the pastries I barely acknowledge its existence and commonly mistake it for an odd-looking donut.

I’ve had many a bagel in my lifetime and they have been hard, overly dense and yeasty. I gave them multiple chances and they offered nothing but a frown every time. I wore the scar of disappointment from ex bagels so when my friend offered to take me to breakfast at a bagelry, I had my doubts. Did she say bakery? Nope she definitely said bagelry. Is that even a word? anyway…

My friend introduced me to a bagelry that would then change the way I see bagels forever. Huff Bagelry! You can find it down Koornang road in Carnegie. It was like a wonderland of bagels. Never had I seen so many bagels in one place. Is this where the bagels sleep at night? it was like a bakery exclusive to bagels, a bagelry it seemed.

There was an arrangement of bagels waiting to be chosen, “pick me, pick me” they yelped from behind the counter. To be honest, I brought my bagel baggage and wasn’t interested in recruiting any of them for my team. But in the name of second chances, I pushed my agony from the past aside and ordered a wholemeal bagel with fluffy scrambled eggs, thinly sliced salmon and a piece of avocado with cream cheese… oh yum!

We took a seat and impatiently anticipated the results. I envisioned taking one bite, throwing it on the floor, then swearing never to eat another bagel for as long as I live, cursing, ‘Damn you bagel! Damn you!’. I was gladly mistaken.
The food arrived and it looked promising. This bagel was absolutely exquisite!! It was firm, fresh and fantastic.

Who would have thought that in a land of indifference I would find a bagel to uproot my disdain. Admittedly, my generalised presumption on bagels was inaccurate and judgemental and I was wrong to write them off so quickly.

The spell of bad bagels is broken and my opinions on bagels have changed. I want to scream ‘Bagels are delicious!’ from the roof tops and get a bumper sticker that reads ‘i heart Bagels!’ for my car.

It’s difficult not to be hesitant when you’ve made a similar mistake in the past, but if you don’t eat with a clear heart each time, you may walk past the fun adventure that could open your mind to another perspective.

p.s  they also make a mean chai latte and buttercream cupcake Mmm.

Olives x

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