Manchester Press

Manchester Press - Melbourne

Manchester Press – Melbourne

Manchester Press is a good place to grab a coffee and bagel. They serve good quality coffee and have an exciting bagel menu. The bagels are made fresh and the quality produce and clever food pairing is what makes these bagels stand out from the rest.

Manchester Press - Street view

Manchester Press – Street view

You can find this little gem off little Bourke St, down Rankins Lane.

Manchester Press - Venue

Manchester Press – Venue

It’s a really cool venue with an arty industrial feel. There’s stuff and things around the place, which give it a lot of character eg. there was a random gigantic bowling pin in the corner behind us.

Manchester Press - Great coffee

Manchester Press – Great coffee

They do an awesome coffee. I almost drank it all before I stopped to take a photo.

Manchester Press - BMAT (Bacon, Mozarella, Avocado & Tomato)

Manchester Press – BMAT (Bacon, Mozarella, Avocado & Tomato)

The BMAT is a similar idea to a BLT only one hundred times better. It’s bacon, mozzarella, avocado & tomato on a toasted bagel with apple & tomato chutney. It was one mother of a bagel impaled by a steak knife. The seeded bagel was layered with a thick slice of bacon, fresh tomato, chutney, half an avocado and melted mozzarella. It had a steak knife vertically stabbed through the middle which kept it all together. It looked impressive and the flavours lived up to my expectations. The apple & tomato chutney elevated the flavours, it was sweet, added a moistness and brought all the flavours together. I really enjoyed it.

Manchester Press - Toasted bagel w cream cheese

Manchester Press – Toasted bagel w cream cheese

The bagels are freshly made and are deliciously dense and quite filling too. Sometimes even just the classic plain white bagel with cream cheese is a winner.

Manchester Press - Fruit & nut bagel w berry mascarpone

Manchester Press – Fruit & nut bagel w berry mascarpone

Then there was the fruit & nut bagel with a mixed berry mascarpone. Oh my holy goodness. This was absolutely delicious. The combination of the spiced nutty bagel (which sort of reminded me of gingerbread) in combination with the creamy mascarpone with fresh berries was incredible. Through the mascarpone there were fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, which added a sweet tartness and there was finely ground pistachios on top (like a pistachio crumb). The flavours and textures all together was like heaven on earth. I loved it so much. It was delicious.

Manchester Press is the perfect place to visit for a coffee and bagel. What sets it apart from other bagel places is the amazing coffee, the enticing menu and the awesome atmosphere. The flavour pairings are stand out and take their bagels to another level. Great coffee, fresh bagels and friendly service.

I heart Manchester Press!

Olives x

Manchester Press
Address: 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne (off Lt. Bourke st)
Phone: 03 9600 4054
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm

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Bagels on board…

When confronted by the assortment of bread options at the bakery, the bagel serves no purpose in my breakfast choice.  In amongst the pastries I barely acknowledge its existence and commonly mistake it for an odd-looking donut.

I’ve had many a bagel in my lifetime and they have been hard, overly dense and yeasty. I gave them multiple chances and they offered nothing but a frown every time. I wore the scar of disappointment from ex bagels so when my friend offered to take me to breakfast at a bagelry, I had my doubts. Did she say bakery? Nope she definitely said bagelry. Is that even a word? anyway…

My friend introduced me to a bagelry that would then change the way I see bagels forever. Huff Bagelry! You can find it down Koornang road in Carnegie. It was like a wonderland of bagels. Never had I seen so many bagels in one place. Is this where the bagels sleep at night? it was like a bakery exclusive to bagels, a bagelry it seemed.

There was an arrangement of bagels waiting to be chosen, “pick me, pick me” they yelped from behind the counter. To be honest, I brought my bagel baggage and wasn’t interested in recruiting any of them for my team. But in the name of second chances, I pushed my agony from the past aside and ordered a wholemeal bagel with fluffy scrambled eggs, thinly sliced salmon and a piece of avocado with cream cheese… oh yum!

We took a seat and impatiently anticipated the results. I envisioned taking one bite, throwing it on the floor, then swearing never to eat another bagel for as long as I live, cursing, ‘Damn you bagel! Damn you!’. I was gladly mistaken.
The food arrived and it looked promising. This bagel was absolutely exquisite!! It was firm, fresh and fantastic.

Who would have thought that in a land of indifference I would find a bagel to uproot my disdain. Admittedly, my generalised presumption on bagels was inaccurate and judgemental and I was wrong to write them off so quickly.

The spell of bad bagels is broken and my opinions on bagels have changed. I want to scream ‘Bagels are delicious!’ from the roof tops and get a bumper sticker that reads ‘i heart Bagels!’ for my car.

It’s difficult not to be hesitant when you’ve made a similar mistake in the past, but if you don’t eat with a clear heart each time, you may walk past the fun adventure that could open your mind to another perspective.

p.s  they also make a mean chai latte and buttercream cupcake Mmm.

Olives x

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