Uncommon - Street view

Uncommon – Street view

Uncommon serve unique dishes using organic and sustainably grown produce. The dishes are created with a combination of ingredients that aren’t commonly used together and the menu definitely excites and sparks curiosity. You will want keep returning to try everything on the menu. Items like salmon pastrami, green apple pesto & coconut bacon will keep you returning for more. The good news is that in addition to brunch they have recently opened for dinner. Hooray!

Uncommon - Venue

Uncommon – Venue

The decor is simple with white walls and lots of greenery in hanging pots. Really cute.

Uncommon - Salmon pastrami, whipped honey and herb scramble

Uncommon – Salmon pastrami, whipped honey and herb scramble

Firstly for brunch and currently my favourite dish on the menu is the hand sliced salmon pastrami with a smooth sweet whipped honey on a thin slice of pumpernickel, which is a slightly sweet rye bread. The salmon was cut thinly and the whipped honey was sweet and creamy. Amazing! It was paired with soft herbed scrambled eggs with big pieces of fresh herbs throughout and there was salted kernels and chilli capers, which added good texture.

Uncommon - Greens on toast

Uncommon – Greens on toast

The new season asparagus, silverbeet, & avocado is a great combination of greens and was complemented with a green apple pesto and wedges of lemon. It was fresh, had a lot of zing. It also had a creamy ewe’s milk cheese and a beautiful 65 degree egg and was served on toast.

Uncommon - roasted pepperberry duck

Uncommon – roasted pepperberry duck

The duck was tasty. The tender pieces of roasted pepperberry duck were scattered over a combination of freekah salad, raw pear kimchi, thin slices of radish and a sour barberry vinigarette. There was a fried duck egg on top for good measure. The sour tones in the vinegarette with the duck went really well and the combination of texture made this dish wonderful.

Uncommon - banana and golden flaxseed pikelets

Uncommon – banana and golden flaxseed pikelets

The pikelets are 90% banana & golden flaxseed. And these babies are gluten free. Since there is a prominent amount of banana they mainly taste like mashed banana in a good way though. They were topped with Yarra Valley strawberries, cherries, poached green paw paw, a toasted milk crumb and drizzled with pure maple.

Uncommon - purple sweet potato

Uncommon – purple sweet potato

Then onto dinner. We got to taste a few of the dinner samples at the launch and it was just as impressive as their brunch menu. They had maple roasted purple sweet potato rounds w sprouted leeks, sorrel, kefir ricotta, smoked coconut & green apple pesto. It was tasty.

Uncommon - cucumber salad

Uncommon – cucumber salad

The cucumber was filled with a salad of texture. Buckwheat, roasted cauliflower, kale, chilli & tamari seeds with a tahini yoghurt dressing.

Uncommon - baby free range chicken

Uncommon – baby free range chicken

The baby free range chicken was delish it was topped with sour onions and cooked in whey, amaranth leaves, lemon and a savoury sauce.

Uncommon - cape grim pure beef

Uncommon – cape grim pure beef

The cape grim pure beef melted in your mouth and was topped with green tomato, a mild chilli & river mint salsa, silverbeet and fresh avocado.

Uncommon - salmon pastrami

Uncommon – salmon pastrami

Lucky for me they have a dish with the salmon pastrami, whipped honey & salted kernals on their dinner menu. Love.

Uncommon - roasted ginger pear and figs

Uncommon – roasted ginger pear and figs

The roasted ginger pear was sensational it was beautifully poached and was packed with flavour. It was paired with seasonal figs, persian cheese and leaves. Yum!

Uncommon - Chocolate red sauerkraut brownies

Uncommon – Chocolate red sauerkraut brownies

Ok and finally for the chocolate red sauerkraut brownie with buckwheat granola and wattleseed whipped yoghurt. It was rich and chocolatey and the red sauerkraut almost acted like a subtle sour cherry and the granola on top added a beautiful crunch element. It was super moist and had a rich chocolate flavour. These were absolutely divine.

Uncommon serve great food and give a care about the environment. The staff are friendly and it’s a great place for brunch and now din dins too. Delish!

I heart Uncommon!

Olives x

Address: 60 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uncommon3181/
Phone: 03 9510 6655
Trading Hours: Mon- Wed: 7am-3.30pm, Thu-Fri: 7am-11pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-11pm

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