Royal Stacks

Royal Stacks - Melbourne

Royal Stacks – Melbourne

Royal stacks is a new burger joint in town that opened today. If anyone in Melbourne is an expert on creating a burger it’s Dani Zeini, who has proven his burgery genius through restaurants like Dandenong Pavillion, Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Truck Stop Deluxe and Easey’s. The beef in all the burgers is sourced locally and the patties are minced fresh daily. Even the buns are baked fresh with no preservatives added. These little details are what make these burgers so tasty.

Royal Stacks - Venue

Royal Stacks – Venue

Inside it has an American diner style atmosphere.

Royal Stacks - Single stack

Royal Stacks – Single stack

When you’re trying a new burger place for the first time, I feel the classic single stack gives you a good indication of the quality of burger you’re dealing with. This one had an all Australian beef patty, tomato, butter lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce and pickles. The meat was juicy, the salad was fresh, the bun was soft the special sauce went well and the cheese oh the cheese. It was delicious.

Royal Stacks - Bacon bacon

Royal Stacks – Bacon bacon

The bacon bacon was mammoth, it was one gigantic burger with double beef patties, double bacon, American cheddar, caramalised onions, American mustard, tomato sauce and pickles. This one is not for the faint hearted.

Royal Stacks - Miss Elizabeth

Royal Stacks – Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth is elegant and gets right down to business, no unnecessary vegies allowed. It’s a beef patty with swiss cheese and truffle mayo. A little bit fancy and a whole lot of delicious.

Royal Stacks - Burger and fries

Royal Stacks – Burger and fries

Prince Harry has a beef patty, butter lettuce, American cheddar, swiss cheese and this amazing horseradish, shallot & gherkin mayo sauce. Yumm!

Royal Stacks - Saint

Royal Stacks – Saint

The Saint burger is the spicy one. It has a spicy chipotle mayo and jalepenos. So it’s definitely for those who like it hot.

They also have the Queen Bee, which has a chickpea patty so vegetarians can enjoy a tasty burger too. And for sides they have shoestring fries and potato gems.

Royal Stacks - Frozen custard

Royal Stacks – Frozen custard

For dessert 7 apples make a frozen custard which was similar to gelato but a little bit sweeter. The chocolate and vanilla were my fave.

Royal Stacks - Queen me

Royal Stacks – Queen me

As you walk in there is a royal blue throne with a royal stacks crown. And so naturally…this happened.

Royal stacks is now open so you can pop by on your lunch break, after work or on the weekend for some tasty burgers and beverages in the city.

I heart Royal Stacks!

Olives x

Royal Stacks
Address: 470 Collins Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 97932133

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