BAWA cafe - Hawthorn

BAWA – Hawthorn

Bawa is a cafe that recently opened in Hawthorn and is very popular for good reason. The food is amazing and the atmosphere has a positive vibe. Both the menu and décor have a bit of a tropical theme that is expressed in a contemporary way. With their combined talents from pillar of salt, square & compass, barry, and three bags full, this interesting menu is set to inspire.

BAWA cafe - Venue

BAWA – Venue

The décor has an open space, nature-loving feel about it with lots of light and greenery.

BAWA cafe - Iced latte

BAWA – Iced latte

They do a really good coffee. Iced latte included.

BAWA cafe - Black tonic

BAWA – Black tonic

I hadn’t heard of a black tonic before. It was awesome. An espresso with lime and tonic. So refreshing.

BAWA cafe - Chia pudding

BAWA – Chia pudding

One mouthful of the chia pudding instantly took me to clear blue seas and white sandy beaches some place of a tropical island. The chia pudding was creamy with coconut and had chunks of tropical fruits like passionfruit, mango and an assortment of berries. There were also a variety of dehydrated fruits and pistachios with a touch of rosewater and some fresh mint. It was paradise in a bowl.

BAWA cafe - Potato rosti, slow braised pork & herb hollaindaise

BAWA – Potato rosti, slow braised pork & herb hollaindaise

The potato rosti was exactly the way a potato rosti should be. Golden and crunchy on the outside with soft grated potato in the middle. It was covered in a generous amount of juicy slow-braised pulled pork (amazing!) and perfectly cooked poachies. It was topped with a lovely sweet, creamy tangy hollandaise. It was herby and had flavours of apple. There were also cuts of dehydrated apple scattered around the plate that added an interesting texture. Delicious!

BAWA cafe - Seared blackberry & lime cured ocean trout

BAWA – Seared blackberry & lime cured ocean trout

The seared blackberry and lime cured ocean trout was cooked perfectly and had a beautifully crisp skin. The oily fish melted in your mouth and had a lovely salad to accompany it with radicchio, heirloom tomato and samphire, which worked well with the ocean trout. It had a buttermilk dressing and a basil vinaigrette that brought it all together.

BAWA cafe - All day breakfast

BAWA – All day breakfast

If you want to customize your meal, eggs your way on toast is a good way to get started. My friend got the eggs your way (she went with poached) and then tacked on all of her faves. She got a side of mushrooms (mix of brown and enoki), avocado (big zesty chunks) and a potato rosti (golden crispy). Design your own big breakfast with a bunch of sides.

BAWA cafe - Ricotta fritters w lavender custard and strawberries

BAWA – Ricotta fritters w lavender custard and strawberries

The ricotta fritters were fried and fluffy and was served with a beautifully fragrant lavender custard. Then there were strawberries in many forms. Juicy poached ones, dehydrated ones and a strawberry coulis. It was lovely.

BAWA has a beautiful open atmosphere, a great place for catch-ups and brunch dates. There are lots of exciting items on the menu and the staff are lovely too.

I heart BAWA!

Olives x

Address: 248 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC
Phone: 03 9819 6701
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat: 7am-4pm, Sun 8am-4pm

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