Jack Horner

Jack Horner - Street view

Jack Horner – Street view

Jack Horner is a canteen style diner created by Matt Wilkinson and Ben Foster (the guys who brought us Pope Joan) and local produce store Hams and bacon. They serve up home-style canteen food like slow-cooked meals, salads, baguettes, jaffles, not to mention all day breakfast. They also have some sweet baked treats on the counter and make a range of  in-house items (pickles, cheeses, yoghurt etc). We sat outside in the sun and it was a lovely place to hang out, have a bevy and enjoy some tasty food.

Jack Horner - Almond milk latte

Jack Horner – Almond milk latte

I had a latte and yay they had almond milk.

Jack Horner - Little bit of everything

Jack Horner – Little bit of everything

If you can’t decide on what to order, they have combos. We chose combo 3, which is a nice little meal for two to share. You get a plate of mixed salads, a meal ‘from the pot’ and two crusty bread rolls with myrtleford butter. It was a nice spread of food.

Jack Horner - Assorted salads

Jack Horner – Assorted salads

We had a plate of assorted salads. The roasted sweet potato and carrot salad was amazing with baked crumbly sour cream bits and spring onion. The greens were good too, broccoli and beans lightly dressed. The Cajun rice had a really lovely flavour although it had these capsicum pieces which were a little bitter. And the tabouleh rendition with pearl barley was nice.

Jack Horner - Lamb Tagine

Jack Horner – Lamb Tagine

They have a few meals ‘from the pot’ to choose from, which are slow cooked pots of justice. Warm, moreish and delicious. They change regularly. When we were there they had a bolognese, lamb tagine and a cauliflower curry. They usually have a veg option, which is good and the all the salads were veg too. We ordered the lamb tagine and it was delicious. It was full of flavour and the meat was falling apart. The bread rolls with myrtleford butter were yum. We also used them to dip in the tagine. It was good comforting food, so delish!

Jack Horner - Crunchy fried potatos

Jack Horner – Crunchy fried potatos

Oh and the fried potatoes. Crunchy spuds are always a winner. These ones were super crunchy and crispy. They were topped with a homemade sour cream and smoked onion salt. Yum.

Jack Horner - Chicken baguette and local beer

Jack Horner – Chicken baguette and local beer

They had sandwiches and jaffles too. Bolognese and cheese jaffle, I will be back for you. We tried a fresh baguette, which was so cute and tasty too. It had fresh lettuce, poached chicken, and a curry mayo in a crusty baguette. Went perfectly with the local Jack’s beer, which was an awesome pale ale (which you can but in the grocery store).

Jack Horner - Grocery store

Jack Horner – Grocery store

They have a little grocery section where you can buy a range of things, sort of like a specialty corner store.

It’s a great place to have a hearty meal. The staff were really lovely and the space outside is perfect for Spring weather. They use fresh produce and create tasty home-style meals, canteen style.

I heart Jack Horner!

Olives x

Jack Horner
Address: 179 Weston St, Brunswick East VIC
Phone: 03 9388 1825
Website: http://jackhorner.net/
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)

Jack Horner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Note: Olive Sundays was invited as a guest to Jack Horner.


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