Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissanterie - Street view

Lune Croissanterie – Street view

I always wanted to visit Lune croissanterie however my desire to sleep-in won over every time. However on this particular Sunday morning (last Sunday) the bf and I made a bold effort to wake up at the ungodly hours of the morning, brave the cold and get our hands on these Parisian-like croissants.

So here is how our morning went:

4.15am – alarm went off…snooze.

4.30am – awake and stumble out of bed like a baby deer finding its feet

4.45am – we sit on the floor in line with the other Lune-atics

6.30am – we are given a numbered ticket, a menu and can order a coffee. Yay we were numbers 11 & 12. After we are given our ticket we sat in our warm heated car and pondered which croissants we would order.

8.00am – we go back to the line for our number to be called. Note: you want to return back early because if your number is called and you are not there, you forfeit your croissants aaaarrrggghhh the horror.

8.15am – we select and take away our precious croissants and try not to drop the boxes on the ground in excitement on the way to the car

8.16am – ok eating the souvlaki croissant in the car…my life is complete.

The souvlaki croissant was the first one I tried, straight outta Elwood and straight outta the oven. As I took the first bite of this wonderful croissant, it immediately became apparent that every shivering moment waiting in line that morning was absolutely worth it.

Lune Croissanterie - Souvlaki croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Souvlaki croissant

Every week they have a limited edition special croissant. This week was Lune x Cumulus Inc.’s souvlaki croissant. Yes folks you heard correctly. Souvlaki croissant! It was an amazing light buttery croissant, filled with slow roasted lamb shoulder and tzatziki topped with feta and oregano. It was the first croissant I ate, it was fresh out of the oven, it was still warm and it was amazing. I was eating it in the car on the way home and didn’t care that I was getting pastry crumbs everywhere. I enjoyed every single bite.

Lune Croissanterie - Ham & Gruyere croissants

Lune Croissanterie – Ham & Gruyere croissants

The ham and gruyere croissant was also good one to be eaten fresh and still warm. The croissant was light and buttery, the shaved ham was delish, the cheese had a bit of string in its step and there was just the right amount of seeded mustard. It was delicious. It all went together so perfectly. It seems simple but is tasted so ridiculously amazing. Loved it.

Lune Croissanterie - Kouign Aman

Lune Croissanterie – Kouign Aman

The Kouign Amann pronounced ‘Queen Amaan’ is a traditional pastry from the Bretagne region of France. The croissant is covered with sugar and baked in a butter, sugar & cinnamon layered mold until caramelized. Drool. It was buttery and crispy and had a beautiful cinnamon flavour. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

Lune Croissanterie - Chocolate croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Chocolate croissant

The Pain au Chocolat is a traditional chocolate croissant. The chocolate croissant had captured so much air and was so light and fluffy. You could see and taste all the fluffy layers. It was yum and was filled with organic dark chocolate.

Lune Croissanterie - Cruffins

Lune Croissanterie – Cruffins

A cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin. Why of course. Croissant pastry baked in a muffin tin. They looked so cute. The fillings change weekly but we got to try the choc bomber and the lemon curd.

Lune Croissanterie - Choc bomber cruffins

Lune Croissanterie – Choc bomber cruffins

The choc bomber was filled with a generous amount of the most beautiful sweet raspberry jam and topped with a chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse was thick and creamy and I wanted a whole bowl of it. And it was sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberry. Yum.

Lune Croissanterie - Cruffin w lemon curd

Lune Croissanterie – Cruffin w lemon curd

The lemon curd cruffin was crispy on the outside and had lots of croissanty layers inside. The lemon curd oh my. It was amazing. The lemon curd was smooth and silky and was sweet, creamy and tart. The cruffin was rolled in citrus sugar and topped with candied zest. Amazing.

Lune Croissanterie - Coconut and pandan croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Coconut and pandan croissant

The twice-baked coconut pandan croissant was so delicious. Those flavours together are fab. It was filled with pandan ganache and coconut and was topped with toasted coconut. Yum!

Lune Croissanterie - Twice-baked almond croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Twice-baked almond croissant

I love a good almond croissant and this one was incredible. The almond frangipane filling had a lovely texture and was delicious. It was topped with shaved almonds and dusted with icing sugar. It was absolutely divine.

Lune Croissanterie - Baklava croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Baklava croissant

Inspired by the middle-eastern sweet the twice-baked baklava croissant was amazing. I loved it. It had a sweet honey syrup coating with a generous amount of pistachios and walnuts on top and was also filled with baklava filling.

Lune Croissanterie - Snickers croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Snickers croissant

The snickers croissant was twice-baked filled with peanuts, chewy caramel and chocolate topped with chopped peanuts and drizzled with chocolate. Lets just say it really satisfies.

Lune Croissanterie - Max et un croissant

Lune Croissanterie – Max et un croissant

Max was definitely keen to have a bite of the croissants. Wherever the croissants were, so was he. He was a major fan of the Ham and Gruyere.

Lune Croissanterie - Cam Reid from Lune

Lune Croissanterie – Cam Reid from Lune

Here you can see Cam in their little bakery putting together a box of delicious croissants. The Elwood store closes in a week but don’t worry the brother and sister duo Kate and Cam and their team will be opening a bigger and better store in Fitzroy which will have a bakery and dining space. A bigger store translates to more croissants for everyone yay! And most of all they promise to maintain the same high level of quality, which is important. Hopefully this means the end of queuing so early but I must say the early wake was kind of a fun adventure if you bring good company.

Lune Croissanterie - Box o' croissants

Lune Croissanterie – Box o’ croissants

The 6 croissants per person limit is good because my eyes are usually too big for my stomach and who knows what would have gone down otherwise. That morning we visited our families and those two boxes of croissants made lots of people really happy. Seeing everyone’s smiles when they ate the croissants definitely made the trip more than worth the long wait in line.

I heart Lune Croissanterie!

Olives x

Lune Croissanterie Elwood 
Address: 29 Scott St, Elwood VIC 3184
Trading Hours: Fri: 7.30am, Sat-Sun: 8.30am until sold out

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