Jimmy Grants – Richmond store opens today!

Jimmy Grants - Richmond

Jimmy Grants – Richmond

Jimmy Grants opens their fourth store today in Richmond. And this one is grand. The décor is amazing. As you step in through the golden arches you feel immersed in the classy and modern styled space. It’s located on the corner of Church and Swan street and suits the area with its amazing food and casual bar like vibes.

Jimmy Grants - Wallpaper

Jimmy Grants – Wallpaper

‘Jimmy grants’ was rhyming slang for ‘immigrant’ and the deco definitely incorporates that in the style with the old-school wallpaper and the plastic strips that used to be in the doorways of milk-bars and fish and chip shops. It is those things that make the atmosphere very humble and homely even though it has such a grandness about it. The new venue is just spectacular. Love it.

Jimmy Grants - Jimmys Dimmys

Jimmy Grants – Jimmys Dimmys

Jimmys dimmies are delicious. I love dim sims and these were fantastic. Everything a dimmy should be. The skin was thin and the meat was flavoursome and juicy.

Jimmy Grants - Inside the dimmy

Jimmy Grants – Inside the dimmy

And they were sitting in soy sauce, just how I like ‘em.

Jimmy Grants - Chips w feta

Jimmy Grants – Chips w feta

The chips at Jimmy grants are delish. They do their chips with oregano, garlic oil and feta scattered on top. Yum.

Jimmy Grants - Lots o’ souvas

Jimmy Grants – Lots o’ souvas

There were lots o’ souvas. They had the Mr. Papadopoulos (lamb, mustard aioli, shoestring chips, onions, parsley), Homer (falafels, greek yoghurt & slaw) and the special edition crispy duck souva.

Jimmy Grants - Falafel souva and duck souva

Jimmy Grants – Falafel souva and duck souva

I like this pic it looks like two little souva friends hanging out.

Jimmy Grants - Little bit of everything

Jimmy Grants – Little bit of everything

The limited edition crispy duck souva had beautifully cooked duck with the crispy skin of course. It also had shoestring chips and apple tzatziki, which went perfectly with a cold bottle of Redds apple ale.

Jimmy Grants - Redds Apple Ale

Jimmy Grants – Redds Apple Ale

The Redds apple ale was tasty. I thought it would be like a cider, but no it was definitely more of a beer, which was nice because it wasn’t too sweet. It was a light apple beer, so I think even the non-beer drinkers might like it. It had tartness and sweetness it was yum.

Jimmy Grants - Grain salad

Jimmy Grants – Grain salad

The grain salad at Jimmy grants is one of my favourite salads of all time. I love it. When Jimmy grants opened a store in the emporium near my work I literally had the grain salad for lunch everyday for a few weeks. I love it so much. It has a great balance of acidity, sweet, salty and texturally it is on point. All the different grains, pulses, currents, herbs, Spanish onion and slithered almonds create a fantastic texture and then it’s topped with a dollop of yoghurt. Amazing. Totally recommend it.

Jimmy Grants - Lovely staff

Jimmy Grants – Lovely staff

The staff were friendly and passionate about their work at Jimmy Grants which is great to see. This lovely guy made us some Mr. Whippopoulous’, which also comes in a dessert bowl in a bigger serving.

Jimmy Grants - Chocolate baklava soft serve

Jimmy Grants – Chocolate baklava soft serve

The Mr. Whippopoulos was a chocolate baklava soft-serve with salted caramel , praline & toasted walnuts. The chocolate soft-serve was really smooth and had a strong chocolaty flavour which was delish. It was drizzled with salted caramel and had a crumbled praline on the side that looked like corn flakes. It had some roasted walnuts on the side and was topped with a chocolate wafer stick. Fantastic.

The Richmond store is absolutely gorgeous and is a great place for some delicious food in a casual and classy environment. The wait is over. It’s open now. So head on down to Jimmy Grants in Richmond.

I heart Jimmy Grants!

Olives x

Jimmy Grants Richmond
Address: 427 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Website: http://jimmygrants.com.au/
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun:10am-11pm everyday
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Note: Olive Sundays was invited as a guest to Jimmy Grants Richmond.

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