The Broadsheet Restaurant

Broadsheet Restaurant - Venue

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Venue

It’s the last weekend to make your way to the broadsheet restaurant. They have a collaborative menu from a range of well-known restaurateurs such as Top Paddock, Coda, Huxtable, just to name a few. It’s a great showcase of Melbourne restaurants under the same roof with an interesting open space of simple Australian inspired décor.

When I walked in I wondered aloud what the space was used for before it was the broadsheet restaurant and a local turned around and explained that it had been a hardware store for many years but that had now moved down the street and in the interim the space has been used for a range of popups, art gallery, etc. before being turned into a new apartment block. Glad I asked the question aloud, because she had all the answers. Thanks kind stranger.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Butternut and nashi soup

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Butternut and nashi soup

The roasted butternut and nashi pear soup was delicious. It had a sweet smooth pumpkin flavour with nashi pear sour tones, which lifted the flavour with zing. The gnocchi was like little ricotta dumplings and the soup had bits of creamy goats curd, and salted walnuts for crunch. Not your ordinary pumpkin soup.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Baked eggs

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Baked eggs

The baked free range eggs had tomatoes, fennel, chorizo, goats cheese and burnt pickled onions. And some bread underneath to soak up all of the deliciousness. There were lots of bold Spanish flavours that worked in harmony. It was a really comforting brunch dish.

Broadsheet Restaurant - Cape grim beef burger

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Cape grim beef burger

When the Cape grim beef burger came out it looked fantastic, the entire bun was black. There was a generous amount of beef and it was cooked to perfection. It was pink and juicy and cut into thick melt-in-your-mouth strips. It had a house made mustard, which was subtle and creamy and a fruit relish, which gave it sweetness. And then some leaves for freshness. It was one tasty burger.

Broadsheet Restaurant -Twice baked brioche french toast

The Broadsheet Restaurant -Twice baked brioche french toast

The twice-baked brioche French toast was soft and custardy with a few plump raisins in it like a bread and butter pudding. It was delicious. The fennel poached pears were easy to cut through and were poached in a fragrant flavours with hints of aniseed. If I didn’t read the menu I wouldn’t have been able to identify the flavour of the sorbet, it was different and delicious. It was fennel & burnt caramel sorbet, so unique. And then it was sprinkled with a vibrant dried raspberry powder. Exciting to eat and really yummy.

The Broadsheet Restaurant - Coffee

The Broadsheet Restaurant – Coffee

The coffee was from Small batch, yum!

It’s fun to have a variety of dishes from top Melbourne restaurants all in one place. And it’s decked out really nice in a simple and spacious environment. There are lots of delicious meals on the menu and you can try something from a different restaurant each time you visit. But tomorrow is the last day so be sure to visit, or pop down one last time before it’s over.

I heart the Broadsheet Restaurant!

Olives x

The Broadsheet Restaurant (Melbourne pop-up)
Event Dates: 5th June – 2nd August 2015
Address: 166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Trading Hours: Mon-Tue: 7am-4pm Wed-Sun: 7am-1am

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