Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi - Street view

Mr. Miyagi – Street view

Mr. Miyagi is a Japanese restaurant on Chapel street that embraces traditional Japanese flavours in a modern and unique way. Some of their unusual dishes include the nori taco, tuna tataki pizza and ramen gnocchi. The food is amazing and they have some interesting cocktails and a variety of Japanese beverages available too.

Mr. Miyagi - Venue

Mr. Miyagi – Venue

It has a great vibe about it, super stylish and classy with lots of character.

Mr. Miyagi - On the wall

Mr. Miyagi – Neon light

They have a list of items on sticks, which you can order by the piece. I like when you can order onesies because then you can try one of each or order exactly as many as you want.

Mr. Miyagi - Prawn dawg

Mr. Miyagi – Prawn dawg

We ordered a prawn dawg and as I ate it I immediately wanted another one. It had a juicy prawn mixture, coated in crunchy Orion (Japanese beer) batter on a popsicle stick (easy to eat). It was topped with a spicy jalapeno mayonnaise and sprinkled with furikake. It was awesome. Absolutely delicious! Who needs a corn dog when you can have a prawn dawg.

Mr. Miyagi - Yakitori chicken skewer w spring onion

Mr. Miyagi – Yakitori chicken skewer w spring onion

We had the chicken skewers, which were tasty. It had a sticky yakitori glaze with spring onions.

Mr. Miyagi - Grilled chicken thigh

Mr. Miyagi – Grilled chicken thigh

The grilled chicken thigh was cute. It was little and moist and had crispy skin.

Mr. Miyagi - Black pig gyoza

Mr. Miyagi – Black pig gyoza

The black pig gyoza’s were amazing. The skin of the dumplings were thin and soft and crispy pan-fried on the outside. And the filling was sensational. Pork, soy, chilli, ginger, full of flavour and served with a sesame dipping sauce. Loved them.

Mr. Miyagi - Nori taco

Mr. Miyagi – Nori taco

I love the nori taco, it’s such a great idea. The lightly battered deep-fried nori acts as the perfect taco. It’s flexible and holds its shape when you bite it (like it doesn’t crack and fall apart). It’s filled with sushi rice, grilled salmon belly (soft and flaking apart), spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo and chilli oil. So clever I was impressed. They had these nori tacos at the night noodle market last year, which is where i first tried it. Delish!

Mr. Miyagi - Miyagi fried chicken w kewpie mayo

Mr. Miyagi – Miyagi fried chicken w kewpie mayo

The all popular Miyagi fried chicken (MFC) is delicious. Miyagi’s secret spices make this chicken finger lickin’ good. It’s served with kewpie mayo and the delicious deep-fried goodness makes it crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle.

Mr. Miyagi - Tuna tataki pizza

Mr. Miyagi – Tuna tataki pizza

The tuna tataki pizza was fresh and had really clean flavours. The base was spiced flat bread, which was thin and crispy and covered with a citrusy yuzu caesar cream. The toppings were sliced thinly and placed on top. Rare seared tuna, heirloom tomatoes and shaved jalepenos. It had nice textures and fresh flavours.

Mr. Miyagi - Pumpkin toast

Mr. Miyagi – Pumpkin toast

The pumpkin toast was soft and cake-like. There were thick shards of honeycomb, white chocolate and pumpkin ganache, a sweet and spiced pumpkin ice-cream which had a lovely flavour and a fresh yoghurt sorbet, which was light and fresh and helped cut through the sweet elements.

Mr. Miyagi - Donuts w apple cinnamon jam

Mr. Miyagi – Donuts w apple cinnamon jam

For dessert we tried the doughnut balls w classic apple cinnamon jam. Yum! The doughnuts were crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. And that apple cinnamon jam was scrumptious. You can opt for hot chocolate sauce if you prefer. It also comes with two ice-creams, pistachio and gingerbread. They were nice and creamy and the ginger flavour in the gingerbread ice-cream was quite strong which was great.

Mr. Miyagi is a great place to catch up with friends for dinner and drinks. It’s got a classy but relaxed atmosphere and the staff are nice and friendly. The food is innovative and leaves you inspired.

I heart Mr. Miyagi!

Olives x

Mr. Miyagi
Address: 99 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Phone: 03 9529 5999
Trading Hours: Tue-Sun: 5.30pm-11pm (dinner only)

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