Industry Beans

Industry Beans - Street view

Industry Beans – Street view

Industry beans is one of those great coffee/brunch places in Fitzroy that make you go wowza! They specialise in coffee and cook up a delicious meal too. It has a really cool garden/industrial feel going on, really cute atmosphere for a brunching day out.

Industry Beans - Coffee

Industry Beans – Coffee

They roast a mean bean, the coffee was yummy.

Industry Beans - Wild mushrooms

Industry Beans – Wild mushrooms

The wild mushrooms were amazing! They were plump, juicy and delicious. There were a few different textured mushroom elements and it was served with these fat crunchy polenta chips, which had lots of flavour and were smooth and creamy in the middle. It complimented the mushrooms well. Then there was some scattered watercress and a mushroom foam and poached egg dusted with porcini powder. It was sensational.

Industry Beans - Fried Creole chicken burger

Industry Beans – Fried Creole chicken burger

The fried Creole chicken burger was served in a buttery brioche bun with pickled tomato and corn aioli. The chicken was packed with flavour. The heirloom tomato salad was a delicious side to the dish. It had quinoa and a beetroot puree with beetroot chips. Delish!

Industry Beans - Green papaya & peanut crusted egg

Industry Beans – Green papaya & peanut crusted egg

The peanut crusted egg was beautifully crunchy on the outside with the soft egg in the middle. It was served with a green papaya salad with carrots, been shoots, green mango, coriander & nahm jim. Yummy and fresh.

Industry Beans - Warm pandan custard

Industry Beans – Warm pandan custard

We had the warm pandan custard, which had a lovely light pandan flavour. It was poured over the torn pieces of black sesame cake. The bright green pears were poached in pandan. So delicious! And then there were sweet pineapple pieces and a delicious pineapple mango coulis. It was absolutely delightful.

Industry Beans - mmm pouring

Industry Beans – mmm pouring

Mmm pouring.

Industry Beans - Coffee garden

Industry Beans – Coffee garden

The ‘coffee garden’ was pretty as a picture. It looked like a little garden of delciousness. It was colourful and inviting. The pistachio sponge was light and crumbly, the coffee custard pudding had that lovely unsweetened coffee bitterness, which went perfectly with the beautifully poached pear, the buttery tuille, spots of raspberry jam and the sweet chocolate soil. The cold drip coffee caviar on top was delicious, little pops of coffee.

Industry Beans - Max and the jam donut muffin

Industry Beans – Max and the jam donut muffin

They had some sweet yummies up at the counter. One of which was a jam donut muffin. We took one home and Max was immediately plotting ways on how he could get his paws on it.

Industry beans has a unique style, like an industrial space meets a veggie patch or something. It was really cute, loved the open outdoor area. The staff were super friendly which is always a plus and our meals were delish. Not to mention great coffee.

I heart Industry Beans!

Olives x

Industry Beans
Address: Warehouse 3, 62 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone: 03 9417 1034
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

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