Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe - Street view

Hardware Societe – Street view

If you love a good brunch, Hardware Societe is one of the best. It’s a modern style café with French and Spanish inspired dishes. The meals have a rustic flair with exciting flavour combos. If you like eggs OMG, baked eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs. They do them all and they are eggceptional. Down Hardware Lane this little brunchery exists and there is usually a queue out front. But it’s definitely worth waiting for.

Hardware Societe - Venue

Hardware Societe – Venue

It’s a small little space, but once you’re seated and eating, you don’t even notice. There is a white wall in the middle covered in colourful butterflies and behind the counter they have all of their teacups displayed on the wall, which I love.

Hardware Societe - Hot Chocolate

Hardware Societe – Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate came out in two pieces. The first piece was a mug with a dollop of smooth decadent chocolate, cream and cocoa and the second piece was a milk pot with hot chocolate milk, which you pour into the mug. It was chocolaty and creamy yum and surprisingly not too rich. Loved it.

Hardware Societe - Lobster Benedict

Hardware Societe – Lobster Benedict

This lobster benedict takes eggs benedict to a whole new level. It has a generous amount of lobster on a toasted brioche bun with poached eggs and a citrus hollandaise. Amazing! The hollandaise sauce is light and lemony, which is great because it compliments the lobster and doesn’t overpower it. The lobster had a few capers and a bed of fresh greens underneath which add a freshness. And the runny poached egg and buttery bun add a fuller flavour. Delish!

Hardware Societe - Baked eggs

Hardware Societe – Baked eggs

The baked eggs are a perfect winter warmer. It was full of warming flavours chorizo, potato, piquillo pepers, queso mahon (Spanish cheese), toasted almonds, creamy aioli and eggs of course. It is truly comfort food at its best. Plus you get a side of crusty bread to dip in all that delciousness. They also have a vegetarian version with cauliflower puree, pumpkin, sage, brie & pinut migas, which is equally as delish. This meal is everything you need for those cold winter days.

Hardware Societe - Pork belly and fried eggs

Hardware Societe – Pork belly and fried eggs

The pork belly and fried eggs were tasty. Pork belly, fried eggs, potato medallions with a creamy thick herb aioli and some greens. The pork belly was beautifully cooked and melted in your mouth. It was yum.

Hardware Societe - Confit Salmon

Hardware Societe – Confit Salmon

The confit salmon was cooked to perfection it was soft and delicious with a crispy skin. The poached eggs add a creaminess that brings the dish together. The confit fennel was tasty and so was the beetroot puree, which looked stunning. And it had a chorizo crumble on top.

Hardware Societe - Scrambled eggs

Hardware Societe – Scrambled eggs

They definitely know how to scramble eggs. Their scrambled eggs are amazing! They are full and fluffy and decadent. Not to mention the chives and big chunks of chorizo in there. It comes with side of thick toast with cream cheese and hot smoked salmon. Although in this pic when I ate it last, the side was crunchy potato crisps, pepers and manchengo cheese on toast.

Hardware Societe - Fried Brioche

Hardware Societe – Fried Brioche

For a sweet brunch option they have fried brioche which is crunchy on the outside with a soft buttery inside. We had it with lemon curd cheesecake, freeze dried raspberries and vanilla sable biscuit crumb. Again this was ages ago so they still have the fried brioche but it comes with vanilla creme pat, stewed rhubarb, apple & almond crumble. Perfect winter flavours. Yum!

Hardware Societe is the perfect place to stop by for an exciting and delicious meal. It’s one of those places where everything is absolutely amazing. Brunch at its best! And now is a good time to go because there are some really great meals on the menu to warm you up this winter.

I heart Hardware Societe!

Olives x

Hardware Societe
Address: 120 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Facebook: www.facebook.com/The-Hardware-Societe
Phone: 03 9078 5992
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am-3pm Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm

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