Breakfast Thieves

Breakfast Thieves - Street view

Breakfast Thieves – Street view

Breakfast thieves is a café located on the corner of Gore and Rose st. in Fitzroy. The food is creative and colourful and the menu is sure to excite and inspire. There is a contemporary vibe about the space and the food, and what I love most is that it’s a laid back casual kind of place but the quality of food and presentation is exceptional. It’s a great place for brunching adventures.

Breakfast Thieves - Venue

Breakfast Thieves – Venue

It’s a really nice open space, brick walls, high ceilings, really pretty. And they have an outdoor space out front so you can soak up sun if it decides to reveal itself.

Breakfast Thieves - Amazing coffee

Breakfast Thieves – Amazing coffee

And for the coffee, it is pretty well damn straight amazing.

Breakfast Thieves - The conquistador - Manchengo cheese and pea croquettes

Breakfast Thieves – The conquistador – Manchengo cheese and pea croquettes

The conquistador is a quirky looking dish and I feel looks like something out of alice in wonderland. It is a great vegetarian option. The green pea and Spanish manchengo chesse croquettes are crunchy on the outside and so creamy and oozy cheesy delicious inside. The fresh kale, flaked almonds and pickled radish and carrots were yummy. And the cauliflower and quince puree was incredible and brought all the elements together along with the balsamic reduction.

Breakfast Thieves - Congee w sticky honey-braised pork

Breakfast Thieves – Congee w sticky honey-braised pork

The Botak Chin Congee was gorgeous. It had Malaysian sticky honey-braised pork, soy peanuts, spring onion, pickled ginger and soy-boiled egg. The pork had a beautiful sweet soy flavour which melted apart with a gentle touch of the spoon, the congee was silky smooth, the peanuts added texture, the pickled ginger was sweet and added freshness and the egg was soft and creamy. They had these deep-fried enoki mushroom fritters placed on top, which were fun and crunchy, they were great. It was super delicious and easily the prettiest congee I’ve ever seen.

Breakfast Thieves - A.B.C.D - Brioche french toast

Breakfast Thieves – A.B.C.D – Brioche french toast w various other delicious things

The A.B.C.D was cubes of brioche French toast, which on their own were already amazing. They had a crunchy toasty outside, buttery soft croissant like middle and were fried, which gave it donut like qualities especially when eaten with the raspberry coulis (sort of like a jam donut). Then it had slices of apple poached in hibiscus syrup, which gave it a subtle sweet floral flavour and a vibrant magenta colour. Then there was candied bacon. I was amazed at how super thin the bacon was. It reminded me of tempered chocolate but a bacon version. It was shiny and glossy, crispy and paper thin. It was fantastic it had that sweet and salty candied bacon delciousness. There was a yellow kiwi coulis and raspberry coulis, which added a little bit of a tart sweetness. The crunchy almond soil added texture and the dark chocolate mousse was densely thick and so smooth and slightly bitter, which offset all of the other sweet elements. It was like an explosion of flavours that complimented each other so perfectly. Each bite was different and each bite was magnificent.

Breakfast thieves is a great place to eat high quality food in a casual and modest setting. The food is impressive, the coffee is outstanding and the staff are lovely.

I heart Breakfast Thieves!

Olives x

Breakfast Thieves
Address: Shop 1, 420 Gore Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9416 4884
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

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