Operator 25

Operator 25 - Street view

Operator 25 – Melbourne

Operator 25 is a modern brunch restaurant in the city and is the perfect place for all brunch occasions.

Operator 25 - Venue

Operator 25 – Venue

The menu has an assortment of inspired foods from around the world, so everyone is sure to find something to suit their tastebuds. The food is incredible and on top of that, they do a mean coffee.

Operator 25 - Chickpea fritters

Operator 25 – Chickpea fritters

The spiced chickpea fritters are tasty and have a really nice texture. They had lots of whole chickpeas inside each fritter, which was fun. It was served with herb tahini, tomato and cucumber salsa, cottage cheese, chipotle sauce and crisp flatbread, which made every bite different and exciting. We had the addition of thick cut streaky bacon, which was super thick and delicious. Bacon lovers ahoy.

Operator 25 - Balinese pulled pork burger

Operator 25 – Balinese pulled pork burger

The Balinese pulled pork burger is delish! It has a combination of Balinese curry pulled pork and a creamy chilli mayo pulled pork with a cabbage and carrot slaw, fresh coriander and a fried egg. All in amongst a toasted buttery bun. It had loads of really rich indulgent flavours. Ahmazing!! And also the sweet potato fries were really yummy too.

Operator 25 - Chicken Normanby

Operator 25 – Chicken a la normande

The chicken a la normande was nice. The chicken was moist with a thin creamy sauce. It had braised apples, pickled shallots, kipfler potatoes, green beans and an almond crunch. Lots of subtle flavours and good textures too.

Operator 25 - ginger & date bread w banana mascarpone

Operator 25 – ginger & date bread w banana mascarpone

We shared a serving of the ginger & date bread w banana mascarpone, pomegranate sauce & salted milk crumb. OMG it was freakin’ delicious! It was like the texture of a moist banana bread but sticky like a sticky date pudding. The warm tones of ginger and the sticky sweetness were so yum. There were also little pieces of candied ginger that give you extra pops of that sweet ginger. Then on top there were caramalised banana slices and banana mascarpone which had fresh banana through it. This was absolutely a stand out dish. It’s a perfect meal to eat in the cold weather because it has a warming and comforting effect. So delicious!

Operator 25 - action shot

Operator 25 – action shot

Action shot, pouring the sweet sweet sauce. The banana mascarpone lightened the dish with the fresh banana flavour and the milk crumb added texture. All the flavours went wonderfully together.

Operator 25 - Coffee

Operator 25 – Coffee

They make a really yummy coffee, which btw went absolutely perfectly with the ginger and date bread. Ok so I’m obviously a little obsessed with this ginger and date bread but it was just so delicious.

There is a good variety on the menu and lots of amazing dishes to try. I already want to go back to try the elderflower sago w chia seeds, rhubarb and strawberry compote, white chocolate foam and freeze dried mango. It looked so delicate and delicious. All of the food was amazing and presented beautifully. It’s the perfect place for brunching adventures and also a good stop for some great coffee.

I heart Operator 25!

Olives x

Operator 25
Address: 25 Wills Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Website: http://www.operator25.com.au/
Phone: 03 9670 3278
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-4pm

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