The Kettle Black

The kettle black - Melbourne

The Kettle Black – Melbourne

The same dudes that gave us Top Paddock created The Kettle Black, so I expected great things. And as expected this place had a great atmosphere, great service and above all else, great food. They use good quality fresh produce and create interesting dishes. It’s great place for brunch.

The kettle black - street view

The Kettle Black – Street view

It’s quite a large space and they also have a seated outdoor area.

The kettle black - coffee

The Kettle Black – Coffee

The coffee is really good. And they have a little coffee stand out front if you’re just passing by for a quick takeaway coffee.

The Kettle Black – Orange juice in a jar so cute

The Kettle Black – Orange juice in a jar so cute

And the OJ is freshly squeezed and comes in a little jar, very cute.

The kettle black - The kingfish

The Kettle Black – Fresh kingfish w potato crisps, tomato, avo & leaves

We tried the kingfish w potato crisps, tomato, avo & leaves. The Kingfish was cooked perfectly and was absolutely incredible. It was definitely melt in your mouth. And it was complimented by generous chunks of avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes and super thin crispy potato crisps. It was a really lovely combination. Loved it!

The kettle black - ricotta hotcake

The Kettle Black – Ricotta hotcake (sigh.. my bf has it with no seeds)

The hotcake was made with house-made ricotta. It was thick and fluffy with bursts of ricotta it was absolutely divine. It was topped with pure maple, fresh blueberries, double cream, flowers and seeds. It’s one of my fave items from top paddock, so I was pleased to see it migrate to this menu.

The kettle black - coconut yoghurt

The Kettle Black – House made coconut yoghurt

My eyes were popping out of my head when the coconut yoghurt came out. It looked like a work of art. It was beautiful. There was a combination of fresh fruit and dehydrated fruit. And also a variety of seeds and nuts layered on top of the yoghurt. There was a dehydrated citrus crumb around the edge and puffed rice. There were so many textures, flavours, in all different sizes, just amazing. Every bite was exciting and no bite was the same. The actual coconut yoghurt was made in-house and it was delicious. It was luxuriously smooth and had a creamy coconut milk flavour.

The kettle black - Yumness!

The Kettle Black – Yumness!

The quality of everything was outstanding and I was really impressed with all of the food we ate.  They also had some sweet desserts on display. There was a banana & caramalised popcorn cake, a baked rhubard cheesecake sandwich, chocolate caramel tart etc. They also had some doughboy doughnuts on offer. It’s a great place for brunch and a great place for coffee.

I heart The Kettle Black!

Olives x

The Kettle Black
Address: 50 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC
Phone: 03 9088 0721
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

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