Short Stop Coffee & Donuts

Short stop - Assorted doughnuts

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Assorted doughnuts

Short stop make sensational donuts and a good coffee to go with it. After tireless months of drooling over their instagram pics they have finally opened their store here in Melbourne hooray!

Short Stop - Street view

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Street view

The store is down a side street off Latrobe street. It’s a clean open space and you can see the staff baking and glazing the fresh donuts right in front of you.

Short stop - Venue

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Venue

There was a sign with symbols indicating a simple and uncomplicated menu. Coffee: white or black, and Donuts: raised, cruller, filled or cake. They only serve coffee and donuts but boy do they do them well.

Short stop - Banana & Hazelnut chocolate

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Banana & Hazelnut chocolate

The banana, hazelnut chocolate was my favourite. It was like banana bread in the form of a donut. The texture was cakey, a cake-donut yum! What a delicious surprise.

Short stop - Ooozing banana filling yum!

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Ooozing banana filling yum!

It had a fresh banana cream custard oozing out as I bit into it. The hazelnut chocolate was delish. We all know hazelnut chocolate is a hit (umm hello Nutella) and it was a thin layer, which was clever because it didn’t overpower the flavour of banana. The donut was covered in big chunky roasted hazelnut bits. I totally went bananas over this donut om-nom-nom.

Short stop - Earl grey & rose doughnut

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Earl grey & rose

The early grey and rose donut was incredible and different to any donut I’ve ever tasted. It was a cake donut that had an intense yet delicate flavour. The dough was mixed with earl grey tea and injected with lemon myrtle and was covered in a rose water icing sprinkled with pretty rose petals. How romantic!

Short stop - Bourbon creme brûlée

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Bourbon creme brûlée

The bourbon crème brulee donut was popular and understandably so. Excuse me sir someone spiked my donut. The donut was filled with vanilla custardy cream mixed with a good ol’ swig of bourbon. The cream mainly had a strong vanilla flavour and the donut had a gorgeous little bruleed top. So adorable.

Short stop - Peanut butter & jam

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Peanut butter & jam

The p b and j was delish. It tasted just like a peanut butter and jam sandwich. It was covered in a shiny peanut butter glaze (crunchy of course) with scattered bits of crushed peanut and filled with a fresh raspberry jam. Yum!

Short stop - Apple, Bacon, Honey & Thyme Doughnut

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Apple, Bacon, Honey & Thyme

The apple bacon honey and thyme raised donut was a taste sensation. If you like the sweet and salty combo this one is for you. It was covered in honey and thyme glaze then it had the sweetness from the apple pieces and the smokey savoury flavour from the bacon bits. It was nice.

Short stop - Rhubarb & ginger doughnut

Short stop – Rhubarb & ginger (the icing got a bit mangled in transportation)

The rhubarb and ginger donut was interesting. It was sweet but not too sweet. The rhubarb and ginger were stewed and made into a delicious pink glaze. The tartness of the rhubarb and the warmth of the ginger go really well together and it had a good balance of flavours.

Short stop - Cinnamon, cardamom & sugar doughnut

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – Cinnamon, cardamom & sugar

When I think of coffee and a donut, the classic cinnamon doughnut comes to mind. The dough was light and fluffy and had a hint of cardamom. It was a little bit different to the favourite I know and love but still good.

Short stop - 1v1: Doughnut Vs Fitbit

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts – 1v1: Doughnut Vs Fitbit

It was unfortunate that I bought a fitbit one day before Short Stop opened. A fitbit is a band that tracks your fitness and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Even though banana is a fruit and chocolate has antioxidants, the fitbit was making me feel guilty for eating too many donuts. I shared them with people at work so I wasn’t being a complete piglet but the fitbit was still not impressed. I ended up taking the fitbit off while I ate the donuts to alleviate some of the guilt.

I haven’t tried the Australian honey and sea salt cruller because they haven’t been available first thing in the morning sigh but I can’t wait to try it. It’s choux pastry piped into the shape of a donut (cruller) dipped in a honey milk glaze and sprinkled with sea salt. Also I want to try the red velvet donut, which is coloured with beetroot, filled with cream cheese icing and dipped in a dark chocolate glaze.

Armed with a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other (with a double espresso) how can you go wrong? Breakfast is served. Good morning indeed.

I heart Short Stop Coffee & Donuts!

Olives x

Short Stop Coffee & Donuts
Address: 12 Sutherland Street, Melbourne (off Latrobe street)
Phone: 03 9642 0807
Trading Hours: Mon–Fri: 7.30am – 4.30pm


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  1. certainly hope I get to Australia one day. Yes, we do have doughnuts and pastries here but nothing sounding like those. Ok maybe it is to the credit of the writer?

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