Go nuts for cronuts!


Dossants from Movida Bakery, inspired by the ‘cronut’.

What is a cronut? A cronut is a combination of a croissant and a donut. The name sounds silly but seems appropriate. When I hear that two of my favourite pastries are making a super pastry baby, naturally I want to meet it. The original trademarked ‘cronut’ is made in New York at Dominique Ansel Bakery but it can be identified under the alias of dossant or zonut in Australia.

So I was told that the only place to get this alleged cronut in Melbourne is at Movida Bakery in South Yarra so off I went. We got to the bakery and there was a selection of sweet and savory pastries, fresh breads and some delicious deli sandwiches yumm! But then I remembered that we came here on a specific mission to get cronuts, and by cronuts I mean dossants (wink wink).

Movida Bakery

Movida Bakery

We walked into the cute little bakery and ordered two dossants. I literally got the last two dossants. For me the last two? I should be so lucky. I hold on to them with dear life and walk out of there with a great big smile from ear to ear. I could not contain my excitement. I had no doubt in my mind that these dossants were going to be the most scrumptious little pastries to date. Admittedly they didn’t look fabulous but that didn’t worry me, in my mind they would be deliciously ugly and that was fine.

I also bought a cocoa meringue that sort of resembled a meteor, which reminded me of that asteroid game where you shoot the asteroids and they break into particles and then you have to obliterate the particles into space dust in order to save the world (well maybe not the world but definitely to save you and your spaceship). I made my own re-make of the Atari game starring my Movida Meteoringue. Same game but yummier!


Objective: Destroy the Meteoringue

People in NY are going nuts for cronuts and are waiting in line for over two hours to buy the new pastry. People are buying cronuts in NY for $5 dollars, which is a reasonable price, but people are then selling them for more than six times that amount on what everyone keeps referring to as the black market. (I’ll take one heart, two kidneys and ooooh is that a cronut?) Not the real black market but word on the street is that cronuts are being sold at an inflated price to the people who cbf’d waiting in line. Seems you CAN buy patience.

So back to the dossant, I held it in my hand, paused, then took the first well-anticipated bite. I couldn’t believe my tastebuds, I sat there in disbelief and had to do a retake. I took another regretful bite and put it down. My excitement had plummeted. My first thought was ‘meh nothing special’, my second thought was ‘how could a croissant and a donut make such an ugly baby?’ and my first words were ‘do you want the rest of mine?’. I was suffering from severe devastation.

Before and After

Before: Going nuts for cronuts                         After: Severely Devastated

Granted the ones I tried are not the original trademarked cronuts but they are the only ones in Melbourne at the moment. Adriano Zumbo makes the ‘Zonut’ which is similar but his store is in Sydney.

I would like to try the original ‘Cronut’ but the guy who invented them seems a little possessive. Ansel has trademarked the name ‘cronuts’ but also tweeted that other bakers are ‘copycats’ and questioned if they would be able to look at him in the eye. Why so serious? He didn’t invent the croissant or donut but was happy to copy those pastries to create his idea. Once I made a dessert bagel with a donut acting as the bagel, and fresh whipped cream replacing the creme cheese. Should I trademark the Dogel?

This whole cronut experience has taught me that sometimes you may wait in line for so long trying to get what everyone else wants but once you get there you realise that cronuts totally suck and the thing you wanted so badly wasn’t what you wanted at all. Find out what matters to you and follow that line instead.

Olives x

21 thoughts on “Go nuts for cronuts!

  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog and the like on the Cronut post. Glad I read your post on Cronut-inspired pastries in Melbourne. –Mrs. J

  2. Ha! I had one of the imitation ones too here in Seattle, Washington, in one of the smaller bakeries, and they were offering them as some sort of charity for cancer, and calling them a dossant. And that was the same reaction I had. “Do you want the rest of mine?” Meh. There’s got to be something better about the original cronut. I guess I’ll never know, because I’ll probably not go there.

    • Glad i’m not the only one thats been disappointed by ‘dossants’. I think i’ll just stick to croissants and doughnuts as separate entities :)

  3. Loved this post – what an eye opener!! I can’t imagine that deep-fried croissant dought would be spectacular, and the sugar would probably make it worse. Well done for trying and sharing your experience!! And thank you for stopping by at my page and the like!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you liked my post on the chicken mcnuggets. I liked yours on the cronuts, just goes to show, you can’t depend on advertising ;-)
    ps- I haven’t tried either the cronuts or dossants yet, I wonder if they’ve even made it to Texas yet?

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m obsessed with the concept of the ‘cronut’ and the fact that people in NYC are waiting online for hours to get one. How good could it possibly be? If I wait on line for something for hours I’d best get something more than a ‘cronut.’

  6. Glad you liked my post. Mostly, I post poems and such but I love to cook and when I create something I really like, I post it, usually with photos, but this time I ate most of it before it occurred to me to post the recipe.

  7. “Once I made a dessert bagel with a donut acting as the bagel, and fresh whipped cream replacing the creme cheese. Should I trademark the Dogel?” LOL! I made french toast from a donut, do I call it a “Fronut” and patent it? Oops – I gave away my idea! LOL

  8. Thanks for stopping by and liking my cupcake post! I myself am looking forward to try make some cronuts, too bad my right hand is injured right now so manual kneading is a no-no XD. Please follow my blog too ;)

  9. We dropped by the Dominique Ansel bakery in SoHo and although we were in NYC another 10 days we found out you need to order them 2 weeks in advance to actually get one! No black market anymore either! You would know that these days that MoVida has been renamed Tivoli (one of my favourite places) and they no longer have dossants, but Zumbo do. The one time we tried to get one at Zumbo someone else in line got the last four left! So it is not meant to be.

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