Wherefore art thou appetite?…

Every foodies nightmare is losing their appetite. Losing their sense of taste and smell and basically their whole sense of life, is devastating. Over the last few days I have been bed ridden with a virus that has stolen my appetite quite suddenly without warning. I didn’t even get to quickly eat something yummy before it started. It has been horrible I tells ya…just horrible!

And of course when this happens, coincidently someone in your house has cooked your favourite meal, it’s the weekend your friends have planned a dinner at your favourite restaurant and someone returning from a birthday party, pops by with some leftover cake. Oh the pain!

So the virus was stealth in the beginning, no sign of headache, fever, or muscle aching. But I did notice there was something wrong when I woke up that morning, saw pancakes for breakfast and declined them. Hmmm that definitely sparked some caution. The second clue was that my friend brought over chocolate and jam fairy cakes to eat with tea and I said I didn’t feel like it. I thought that was strange but continued business as usual. And then BAM! massive fever, colossal headache and my body was aching all over. All of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle came together and presented me with a monstrous virus. It went a bit like this.

Bang! A Virus. Directed by Olive Sundays

A painful story of a foodie falling ill with a virus, then longing for her long-lost appetite to return (tragic! I know).

Act I Scene I     A creeping virus.
[Enter MEL and VIRUS, mel waking in the early morning oblivious to the virus’ presence]

MEL – (Yawn) Ah what a lovely morning. Is that the fresh scent of buttermilk  pancakes my nose detects?

VIRUS – No you must resist madam, let them be left alone. I can assure you, pancakes are not what you want.

MEL – I must deny thy pancake today, perhaps for another morn.

Act I Scene II     Afternoon Tea.
[Enter FRIEND]

FRIEND – I come bearing chocolate and jam fairy cakes.

VIRUS – Refuse thy offer, as the sweets are not to your liking.

MEL – Oh friend, I must decline, for I have no interest in sweets today.

FRIEND – Really? That’s odd, but okay whatevs.

Act I Scene III     The illness prevails.

MEL – Why don’t I feel hungry? Appetite, Oh Appetite! Wherefore art thou appetite.

VIRUS – It has been I, who has convinced you all along, that the flavours of delicious food are no longer important. You are doomed to eat only ever for survival and never for pure indulgence again. Muahahahaha.

MEL – Nooooooooooooo! (Sadface)

[MEL falls upon her bed and lays there for days until better]

Fin. The end.

It’s a really strange feeling when your life revolves around food. Usually I’m eating food or talking about food or dreaming about food or writing about food. So to not even want to think about food, was very distressing.

So maybe it’s important not to take things for granted because sometimes they disappear abruptly without notice. At least if you appreciate the moment now, you won’t have to regret the moments passed.

Olives x

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